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UnPaper® Towels 12 Pack - Cotton
UnPaper® Towels 12 Pack - Cotton - Zero Waste Outlet
UnPaper® Towels 12 Pack - Cotton - Zero Waste Outlet
UnPaper® Towels 12 Pack - Cotton - Zero Waste Outlet
UnPaper® Towels 12 Pack - Cotton - Zero Waste Outlet
UnPaper® Towels 12 Pack - Cotton - Zero Waste Outlet
UnPaper® Towels 12 Pack - Cotton - Zero Waste Outlet
UnPaper® Towels 12 Pack - Cotton - Zero Waste Outlet
UnPaper® Towels 12 Pack - Cotton - Zero Waste Outlet

UnPaper® Towels 12 Pack - Cotton

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Eliminate or drastically reduce wasteful paper towels with Unpaper® Towels! They are the perfect zero waste kitchen swap that saves resources, money, and plastic waste. They fit on a standard paper towel tube, are machine washable, and will spice up your kitchen with fun and lively colors!

Think about how much a case of paper towels costs and how often you buy them. Most households spend $100+ per year on disposable towels. Every single one costs money that you will never get back, and then we just toss them in the trash! Now you can put a stop to that and get yourself a set or two of the best zero-waste alternative, UNpaper® Towels.

At $2.50 per reusable towel, each one of these towels will pay for itself in a few days of use, and they will last for several years!

How to use: 

Roll them up onto your cardboard paper towel roll (or use a more durable one here) one at a time, slightly overlapping each one. The flannel material will naturally cling together, so you won't need snaps as other brands do.  

Once you rolled up all your towels, put the roll on your paper towel holder and use them like you would any paper towel. When they get dirty, place in a basket or other storage container for laundering. 

We recommend buying enough UNpaper® Towels to get your household through until laundry day, plus a few extras. 

Washing Instructions:

Machine washable in warm water with like colors using your favorite laundry soap. 

Use non-chlorine bleach if needed.

DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTNER, as doing so will reduce absorbency. 

Dry in the dryer on low. 

Can be ironed with low heat if desired, but not required.

If you would like some great zero-waste laundry options, check out our laundry section here.

  • Each Towel is 12" x 10"
  • 100% Cotton Flannel
  • Serged Edges to Prevent Fraying
  • Absorbancy Increases After a Few Washes
  • Slightly Oversized and Will Shrink to Fit Standard Roll Perfectly After Washing
  • Biodegradable
  • Lasts Years of Daily Use 
  • No Snaps Needed. They Naturally Cling Together on the Roll
  • Saves Money and Reduces Waste
  • Handmade In The Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Jessica W.
Love the designs

Got the surprise pack & the designs are just so adorable! Getting used to them, but so far so good!

Jane C.
Never buy paper towels again!

I love Unpaper towels! They do everything paper towels do and more…virtually never use the paper ones anymore, had the same roll for months. Can’t recommend them enough!💕

Peky P.
I barely reach for my paper towels now

I bought 4 sets of the 12-pack towels. The bulk discounts is the best thing about ZWO. It helps when I'm not generally a heavy paper towel users and now that I have the flannel towels, I find myself reaching out for them and not have to worry about getting them stained or dirty. The first use after washing may not be as water absorbent but it gets better over time. I bought the whites ones. Hopefully some baking soda + vinegar + Dr Bronners will help take the stains out when emergency rises! I'm hoping to get more neutral tones -- greys, small patterned ones. Reckon these will last me a long time

Sarah R.
Great product!

These are a great environmentally friendly replacement for paper towels!!


This is the second pack I bought and I bought my sister a pack for her birthday too. I love how fun it is to get random prints:) they also work so well for everything: the bathroom, the kitchen, keeping fruits and veggies fresh. I also have not used any paper towels in so long!! Wonderful product and definitely recommend!


Love these! I got the shades of green 12 pack, and not only do they look really good in my kitchen but they work really well as a paper towel replacement.

Teresa F.
No more paper towels!

These are wonderful. Glad I never have to buy paper towels again. I've always had trouble sourcing recycled paper products at my local stores, now I don't need to! They roll up on a paper towel holder and dispense just as easily.

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