3-Piece Sink Brush Set

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Quickly and easily tackle that sink full of dirty dishes with our three most popular zero-waste scrubbers! 

This set will add a natural look and feel to your sink that makes doing dishes more enjoyable and calming.

All of these scrubbers perform as well or better than the nasty plastic alternatives most households use, plus they look so much better! 

This Set Includes:

1 Modular Palm Pot Scrubber 

A great all-around palm-sized dish scrubber with coarse bristles. The replaceable head means less waste and cost. A Jute loop for hanging makes drying and storing easy.

1 Veggie Palm Scrubber

Clean tender fruits and veggies with confidence and care using this softer-bristled palm brush. Includes a jute loop (not pictured) like the palm pot scrubber for easy storing. 

1 Cup Brush

Great for cleaning deeper dishes like cups, bottles, and coffee pots! The bent tip is great for finding and cleaning hard-to-reach inside angles. Cotton loop for easy storing and drying. 


End of Life Disposal:

The smaller palm scrubbers can be composted or buried to return to the Earth. To dispose of the cup brush, remove the center wire with a pair of pliers or wire cutters and recycle it. The rest of the cup brush can be composted or buried. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Peter R.
Great product

Use it all the time. Dries well too

Mar-yannu H.
Fabulous kitchen tools

I couldn’t be happier with the intelligently designed 3-piece kitchen set. Each brush perfectly created. And beautiful.

The battle against plastic

My household has been trying to remove sources that create micro plastics, so as to protect our aquifer as best we can. These scrubbers were what we needed to kick the plastic kitchen scrubbers out! Had them a few weeks now. I’m a little concerned about the longevity of the bristles (a few have already fallen out) but we use our scrubbies multiple times a day, so that might just be the trade we make to get away from moldy plastic bristles!!!

Well Made Dish Tools

I found the kitchen tools to be very well made and extremely durable. The fit the hand and tickle the corners of my dishes with a gentle caress. My dishes love them as well.

Margaret K.
very happy

arrived quickly and the quality is amazing!

Ian M.
Do yourself a favor, buy these and never turn back

I bought these as a gift for my girlfriend and was skeptical of how long they would last and of their durability. I have been blown away by how great they are. I am honestly never going to go back to a plastic brush. The bristles are much more durable and stiff than the plastic under high heat and I can already tell they will stay in better shape for longer. This is a fantastic product.

dory h.
Perfect for Every Job

This trio of scrubbers is perfect for every cleaning job. The bristles work to clean even burnt on messes and the long-handled brush works great for bottles, mason jars and my vintage Corning Ware coffee pot. We use one of the palm scrubbers for washing fruit. Each brush is well designed to be comfortable to use. The minimal packaging is an added bonus. This would make a great house warming gift.