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Safety Razor with 10 Blades - Stainless Steel - Zero Waste Outlet
Safety Razor with 10 Blades - Stainless Steel - Zero Waste Outlet
Safety Razor with 10 Blades - Stainless Steel - Zero Waste Outlet
Safety Razor with 10 Blades - Stainless Steel - Zero Waste Outlet

Metal Safety Razor with 10 Blades

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No more plastic razors to throw away! Every year millions of plastic disposable razors are tossed out and into the landfill. The easiest solution, like a lot of wasteful products, is to go back to pre-plastic times when there was no such term as "disposable". 

After using this razor, you will never want to use a flimsy plastic razor again! 

This style of razor has been used for many generations because they deliver the ultimate shave. Made from high-quality stainless steel and in two stunning colors, this may just be the last razor you will ever have to purchase. In fact, this razor comes with a Lifetime Guarantee so you know it will last!

Similar to a Weishi butterfly razor blade, but with fewer moving parts and a single-piece blade cover to make changing out blades quick and easy. Unscrew the handle and remove the top cover to change out the blade. 

Each blade will last several weeks of daily use and are cheap to replace. Plus the blades are metal so they are completely recyclable. Just wrap your old blade in the paper wrapper from the new blade to cover the edges, and throw it in the recycling bin.

Each Razor comes with 10 double-sided razor blades.

Need More? Get replacement blades here. 

4.25" Long


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Emily P.

FIRST OF ALL, I shaved my armpits 24 hours ago and am only *just* beginning to barely feel a tiny bit of stubble. NEVER IN MY LIFE. I also got the lavender peppermint soap which is AMAZIIIIIIING!!!!

Jerrika W.
Life changing!

This razor has changed the game and my life! I have struggled with ingrown hairs everywhere a razor touches since I’ve started shaving. A few years ago, I told my dermatologist about this and he suggested I switch to an electric razor for my legs. Well I did and it definitely helped but I wasn’t getting the same close shave I was used to with a traditional 4-5 blade razor and I definitely couldn’t use that on the sensitive areas of my skin, like armpits, etc. I decided to check out a safety razor after learning that a single bladed razor reduces ingrown hairs and irritation. Immediately I was drawn to a safety razor because of the vintage look, reusability and how much money it saves.
Well, my life has been completely changed! I get to have that close shave that I missed, and it’s actually softer than the eclectic razor results (I did a side by side comparison), and I don’t have ingrown hair issues anymore!! I also feel so good knowing that I can keep the razor forever and pay very little for blade replacements. There’s seriously no downside to this product and I can’t wait to continue using it!

Brooke R.
1 week between shaves!

So thrilled to have found you for a shaving option! I was drawn by the complete recyclable option of the Stainless steel blade and razor, but am overly surprised by the quality of the shave!

I, like many, bought into the "more is better" when it came to razorblades, so wasn't holding out hope for a quick and effective shave, (which, in truth are words that can never be used to describing leg shaving! So many areas one can only can shave by feel!) ......but after using your single blade razor, and having such a close shave that I didn't have to re-shave for a whole week, (Not even bc of stubble, which is usually visible by day 3!) I have seen through the disposable propaganda!

Using the safety razor dose take a little more attention then the disposable, mainly bc the single, stronger blade will not flex, but a lighter touch, in a well lit area has worked for me! No nicks or cuts yet (and as of this review, I've shaved twice!)!

I also love how easy it is to clean the razor, with only the blade and the cradle of the blade to clean around, hair doesn't get clogged in any component; like with electric razors and typical disposable.

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars, is that the blade did seem to dull a bit more then necessarily after the first shave, but I'll admit my leg hairs are stubborn, and make any shaving a pain. The blades WERE still sharper than any disposable after the same treatment, so this razor is still a win!

Amber L.
I love it

It's sturdy. clearly well made. I thought I would have to be super careful not to knick myself. Nope! Not even thought now. Absolutely recommend.

Good but...

Love the zero waste aspect but I'm having a hell of a time getting my razor to cut my leg hair. I don't have like extremely hairy bear legs or anything so I'm not sure why these stubbornly refuse to cut hair. I may try a different blade once the included ones run out. The razor as a whole is a nice weight and easy to put blades into.

Thanks for letting us know about this! Make sure the bottom metal plate is facing up, with the groves up. This is the most common issues with a bad shave. :)

If it is upside down, it will still work, but it will not be a good shave.


Kyla C.
Easy to Cut Yourself

I've been using safety razors for about a year now. The blade on my previous razor hung over the side, which is why I wanted to switch. This razor fits the blade edges perfectly, and it does give a close shave. I like that the guard has a smooth edge. But the blade is too far from the guard, which leaves a lot more room to slice. I cut myself when the razor slipped. The non-bleeding picture was taken a whole week after I cut myself, so you can see how bad it was even after a week of care and healing. It's now been over 3 weeks, and my cut is not about 75% healed. And I'm not a slow healer either.

Kimberly F.
New favorite razor!

This razor is amazing quality and gives a better shave than traditional razors. That, along with how sustainable it is, makes this an easy five star review from me(:

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