6-Piece Sink Kit

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Brush Type Cup Brush
Soap Dish Square

Forget the plastic dish tools and switch to this zero waste sink kit that has everything you need to get the dishes done quickly.

Not only is this kit practical, but it also looks great, giving your sink a natural and Earthy feel that will make doing the dishes fun and relaxing. 

This Kit Includes:

Customer Reviews

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Josie L.
Excellent Bundle!

This is an excellent bundle to purchase! You get 1 of nearly all their dish cleaning products to try out, and each product is excellent, I've used each item and I love them all. They all feel substantial and high quality.

Jamie P.
Gets the job done

I love how these clean, and the shipping was fast! Will order again when they reach the end of their life

Isabel V.

I bought these about two weeks ago as we’re slowly transitioning plastic out of our kitchen. We love this cleaning set! I particularly love the bottle cleaner, as our baby goes through a million bottles a day. The products distribute soap well and are holding up great!

Jenna W.
Super plastic-free products

This was a great way to get acquainted with a range of plastic-free, dish-washing alternatives. (I'm sold on bar dish soap btw, works great.) I am a fan of these loofah sponges (lasted surprisingly long, loop is handy to hang dry, like other natural sponges, not *quite* as effective at scouring but it's fine) and the lil scouring brush guy. I've used the bottle brush mostly to scrub coffee thermoses, but haven't even used the handled brush since everything else is getting the job done, and I turn to the sponge the most. Overall, a happy purchase.


I moved into my new apartment and this set has saved me the hassle of buying each one individually. It’s also the same price if not cheaper than the non eco friendly counterparts where I live.

Megan L.
Excellent for Water Bottles!

It is a constant struggle finding something to keep our water bottles clean and we have so many different sizes. This kit was perfect for that. The sponges hold up well, I love the long handles on the brushes so that my hands are never directly in the hot water. All of it is excellent!

Kim L.
Great and Feel Good Cleaning

The brushes are so great, and I especially like the cup/bottle brush. These make kitchen clean up enjoyable.