Seed Sprouting Kit

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Mason Jar Lid Size Standard Mouth
Size Single


Start your own seed sprouts at home with this fun kit. 

All you need is a mason jar and your choice of seeds!

Need seeds? We recommend these GMO-Free Sprouts from Seeds Now

Put enough seeds to cover the bottom of the jar, cover with water, and let sit overnight to soften the seed husks.

In the morning, pour out the water and rinse the seeds with fresh water. Then, sit the jar upside down on the stand to drain. 

Rinse the seeds 2-3 times daily until your sprouts are ready to harvest. 

Keep the sprouts in the fridge to hold as you enjoy fresh sprouts!

  • Requires your own STANDARD MOUTH mason jar and seeds.
  • Does NOT fit wide mouth mason jars
  • Grow your own sprouts in 5 days or less!
  • Stand folds down for compact storage.
  • Reuse and save plastic 
  • Choose your own seed for varieties not available in stores
  • Sprouts are full of nutrition and vitamins

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah B.

I love the seed sprouting kit. I grow wheat grass for my indoor kitties and I’ve always used an old strainer to sprout the berries before planting. This little kit did a much better job than my old method. The sprouted wheat berries are growing beautifully and my kitties are happy. Thank for this clever product.

Tammy J.
Great quality

These seem of great quality and work well. They hold my mason jars perfectly. I also love the simplicity!

laurel m.

I am new to this seed sprouting idea. However the products that were sent were of good quality and fit my own canning jars fine. The stand is the right size for one jar, strong but not bulky. I like not using plastic parts if I can. I am happy with my purchase.


I got 3 of these kits. The lids and screens are really nice quality- much nicer than ones I’ve had before. They fit on the wide mouth canning jars perfectly. A+ for customer service as well. When my original order got lost in the mail they shipped out a replacement immediately. I’m very happy with my purchase!