6-Piece Sink Kit

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Brush Type Cup Brush
Soap Dish Square

Forget the plastic dish tools and switch to this zero waste sink kit that has everything you need to get the dishes done quickly.

Not only is this kit practical, but it also looks great, giving your sink a natural and Earthy feel that will make doing the dishes fun and relaxing. 

This Kit Includes:

Customer Reviews

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Megan L.
Excellent for Water Bottles!

It is a constant struggle finding something to keep our water bottles clean and we have so many different sizes. This kit was perfect for that. The sponges hold up well, I love the long handles on the brushes so that my hands are never directly in the hot water. All of it is excellent!

Kim L.
Great and Feel Good Cleaning

The brushes are so great, and I especially like the cup/bottle brush. These make kitchen clean up enjoyable.

Liz P.
Great dish washing goodies!

I love these brushes! They all have a use which is super great! My favorite is the cup brush. It's become my go-to for everything! Works super well with my soap block. Really happy!!

Seriously Upped Our Kitchen Sink Cleanup Game

The brushes are excellent. They have a great feel, they're the right sizes and configurations, and the bristles make post cooking and post eating cleanup jobs much easier. Importantly, they don't scratch our utensils, cookware or plates. They also look good, which is not necessary but a plus; they're inviting and attractive to use. The loofah sponges are good, too. We'll never use anything else from here on in. Customer service and communication are terrific. Recommended.

Roberta P.
New Fan

I love the look and feel of all the items. The bottle brush is perfect and I really love the dish brushes. Yay! Great customer service, as well.

Megan M.
Great set

I received the 6 piece set a few days ago and used it throughout the weekend. So far I really like all the pieces. The long handled brush is really nice and makes me feel like I barely have to get my hands wet when doing dishes. All of the brushes have nice bristles that are stiff enough to scrub stuff off the dishes, but not so stiff that I worry about scratching things. I'm excited about the replacement heads so that I don't have to throw away the whole brush when the bristles wear out.

Linda R.
Passing it on

Love these tools. I have them and this set was for my daughter's first place.