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Bar Soap Bag - Sisal Plant Fibers - Zero Waste Outlet
Bar Soap Bag - Sisal Plant Fibers - Zero Waste Outlet
Bar Soap Bag - Sisal Plant Fibers

Bar Soap Bag - Sisal Plant Fibers

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Did you know the warm, damp layers in loofahs make them perfect breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and even mold in the worst cases? Plus, plastic loofahs and shower brushes create TONS of waste-- obviously, they’re plastic! Soap bags are the clever plant-based alternative that will make your showers highly efficient and waste-free.
Switch to soap bars and sisal bags for a natural way to achieve clean, velvety skin while ridding your bathroom of wasteful plastics.


  • 100% Biodegradable Sisal Fibers Come From the Sisal Plant, a Highly Renewable Resource. With a Natural, Plant-Based Exfoliant, You Can Ban Plastic From Your Bathroom and Enhance Your Zero-Waste Home!
  • Handy Drawstring Allows You to Hang Soap Bag For Drying So Bacteria Won’t Grow. You’ll Actually Get Clean Instead of Spreading Germs All Over Yourself With a Plastic Loofah!
  • Sisal Soap Bags Are the Effective Yet Gentle Way to Exfoliate: While Brushes & Loofahs Are Harsh and Abrasive, This Plant-Based Option Softens and Soothes Your Skin For Natural Comfort

Instructions For Use

  1. Place A Bar of Soap in the Sisal Soap Bag.
  2. Tighten Drawstring.
  3. Dampen the Sisal Soap Bag and Exfoliate Your Way to Smooth Skin in an Eco-Friendly Fashion!

Product Specfications

  • 5.5” Tall x 4” Wide with Drawstring


Don't Forget! You'll need some high-quality, zero-waste soap to put in your sisal soap bag! Try all-natural Granola Girl Bar Soap for a relaxing shower with calming scents and gentle exfoliation.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 72 reviews
      Norma S.
      Love IT

      Soap is always slipping out of my hands in shower. The little bag solved that problem. Thanks

      Madison K.

      A whole new way to wash my body and feel good about my footprint

      Kathy P.
      Great item!

      I have never used a sisal bag for soap before now, but this is wonderful! I will never go back…

      Mary T.
      Sisal Soap Bag

      First time using this and I love it. It's a great exfoliator (means less such products to buy) and it also keeps the soap from "melting" into bits in the tub.

      Joanna B.
      I love this thing!

      In my efforts to go plastic-free, the plastic loofa and body wash that came in a plastic bottle were really tough to let go of. Not only did I find the right soap here at Zero Waste Outlet (Granola Girl Spa Bar Soap), but after FINALLY giving up my plastic loofa, I couldn't find anything that was eco-friendly enough for me and ended up resorting to just a washcloth. I was reordering my soap when this Sisal soap bag was recommended to me so I thought I'd give it a shot. IT'S PERFECT. It makes the amazing Spa soap super sudsy and it exfoliates so well- my skin is extremely soft and smooth. I am going to keep one in my travel bag, too!

      Laura F.
      Soap Bags

      Why didn’t I think about something like this decades ago. Well, I am grateful for them now.

      I travel a lot and always keep the soaps (because I don’t know what they do with them after I use them like 4 times. So I have a ton of them. I put 2 or 3 in each bag and voila.

      Thank you Zero Waste for continuing to put my mind at ease by using eco friendly products! ❤️

      Soap Bags

      My partner expressed wanting soap bags, which I'd never really heard of before. Well, I found them on your website and he's very happy with the soap bags.

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