Large Paddle Style Bamboo Hairbrush

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This zero-waste hairbrush is just what you need if you are tired of cheap plastic hairbrushes that pollute the landfills and add static to your hair. It is the bigger version of our Mini Paddle Brush.

The handle is made from 100% sustainable Bamboo, the airbag is made of natural rubber, and the bristles are made from durable carbonized wood. The solid handle gives you complete control of each brushstroke and the natural wood bristles are rounded for gliding through hair without worrying about splinters.

Bamboo doesn't generate static like plastic brushes are known for. Combing your hair with a bamboo brush will leave less static in your hair, especially if used when your hair is still a bit damp.  

Give your hair the experience it deserves with this paddle brush made from natural and sustainable materials that will eventually return to the Earth after its useful life of several years.

This large paddle-style hairbrush is 9 3/4" long and 3 1/2" wide.

Customer Reviews

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Ellie C.
Love it!

I never had this kind of massage brush. Good for my head skin!

Mar-yannu H.
Excellent hairbrush

I bought the large bamboo hairbrush for my dog, who absolutely loves it. Then the two cats investigated, and they both love it. With so much hairbrush love, I decided that I had to try it. It is remarkably gently on my hair, which usually doesn’t tolerate hairbrushes. This is great.

Nice brush

This is a great brush! Was concerned due to another review stating bristles were sharp. This was not a problem with the one I received. Feels great on the scalp, good for long or short hair. No static either. And eventually it’ll biodegrade, but not for a long time! Love it!


I love this brush it’s awesome

Christina C.
Happy Scalp

My autistic toddler doesn't like his head being brushed but the softness and wide gaps between bristles has helped him accept his hair being brushed.
His sensitive scalp mommy is also a huge fan of how easily it glides through our hair

Kristin S.M.
Brush Love

My last hairbrush had reached its full potential and I wanted to replace it with something environmentally conscious (not plastic) that still delivered quality brush strokes. This is the winner! This is the product I’ll keep using and feel better about replacing when necessary!

Jackie D.
Great brush!

I love this brush. It goes through my hair smooth, and it’s easy to remove the loose hairs from. I love that it’s made with natural rubber. If I need another brush I will definitely be purchasing this brush again. For reference my hair is fine and halfway down my back.