4 Piece Dish Washing Starter Kit

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Small Bamboo Dish Round

No more plastic soap bottles, nasty green/yellow sponges, or plastic scrub brushes!

This basic dishwashing kit is the perfect way to remove plastic from your sink. It includes our most popular dishwashing products to make your job easier and without any plastic! 

It looks good, works great, and the soap and brush will last 3-6 months with regular use. 

To use:

Gently rub a wet palm brush on the soap block to get some soap on the bristles, then use the brush as usual. Rinse with lukewarm water and air dry or towel dry.  

This Kit Includes:
Dishwashing soap block
Solid dish soap that comes in a cardboard box, no plastic bottle here! 
Moso Bamboo Soap Dish
Made from Moso bamboo, it is made to hold the Dishwashing Soap Block perfectly. 4¾" x 3¾" x 1⅜" tall 
The most versatile dish tool we carry. It is small, powerful, and convenient.
Small plastic-free soap dish

This slotted bamboo dish is a great resting spot for the Palm Pot Brush. Or use it in the bathroom for shampoo/conditioner bars or a konjac sponge.

    Customer Reviews

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    Reagan J.R.
    Durable and lasts long

    So far this scrubber cleans very well and seems very durable. The soap bar lasts very long and cleans well. I waaaaay prefer this method over liquid soap. Love it so far! Thank you!

    George M.
    Dish Washing Starter Kit

    Great plastic free dish washing. The bristles on the brush are very stiff, but I expect they will soften with use. The soap block lathers well and gets pots and pans and dishes clean!

    Lee A.S.
    I love the Vegan dishwashing set!!

    This is the best product ever. I have been trying for a while to cut down on plastic bottles with dishwashing, clothes washing, shampoos and conditioners. The one I couldn't find was the dish soap. But you have it! The soap block is very sudsy, which I like. The brush is great and you can still use sponges or washcloths if you like. Plus, the set looks really great on my counter. I know what everyone is getting for Christmas this year!

    April W.
    Love every part of this!

    No more guilt! This vegan soap block and scrubber are the answers to my plastic free life. They work pretty dang well to wash dishes and you don't even need that much soap. The lather is fantastic and I feel like I can wash waayy more dishes with it then just regular liquid soap from a plastic container. I am in love it and feel so much better when I reach for a wooden scrubber instead of a cheap plastic one. It appears strong and seems like it will last for a long while. The changeable heads are amazing too! Can't recommend enough!

    Jillian H.
    Loving it

    10/10 works well, looks great and is simpler and more efficient than soap from a plastic bottle. I’ve also used a little bit of the soap on a rag to spot clean upholstered furniture.

    Wish I would have found this sooner.

    I love the dish block. Cleans my dishes extremely well and produces minimal waste. I use cast iron pans and it does an excellent job cleaning those. I really do not have anything negative to say about the product. I actually prefer it over liquid dish soap.

    Kathy N.
    A Step Closer to Zero Waste

    Thank you for helping me towards my goal of zero plastic....along with other wasteful things. This product is high quality and works better than I expected. it takes getting used to....much different than a squirt of detergent from a plastic bottle, but I am feel good every time I use it. It is inspiring me to make other changes towards zero waste.