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Replacement Head For Lifetime Aluminium Scrub Brush - Zero Waste Outlet
Replacement Head For Lifetime Aluminium Scrub Brush - Zero Waste Outlet
Replacement Head For Lifetime or Bamboo Modular Scrub Brush - Zero Waste Outlet

Replacement Head For Lifetime or Bamboo Modular Scrub Brush

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This is the replacement head for the Lifetime Scrub Brush & the Modular Bamboo Dish Scrub Brush.

Made from wood and 100% natural Sisal plant bristles, it is completely biodegradable and sustainable. 

Each head will last 6-12 months of daily use before it needs to be replaced. Unscrewing the head to let it dry out regularly will prolong the life of each head and will make sure that there is no mold or rust stains in the threads. 

Great for cleaning dishes, sinks, counters, and anywhere else you need a good scrubbing. 

Replacement head only.

Customer Reviews

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Mali W.
Best cleaning brushes EVER

We have been long time owners of the plastic wands with replacement sponge heads…these are so much more effective. Everything from the wand to the brushes themselves, they reach places my other wands never could. They don’t stink or get mildew, they just do an excellent job cleaning. After purchasing the wand (we got the lifetime brush), we bought five more just to have. I also bought a wand for all my family members and they love them!

Great product, irritating emails

First, the scrub brush handle and brush heads are great. I have been trying to find an environmentally friendly scrub brush solution for years. But all of the other options I tried fell apart far too quickly. Which brings me to the irritating emails; I like to use a product for a bit before I review it, but zerowasteoutlet has hounded me for a review of both the brush handle and the brush replacement heads. I'm finally writing a review because I have had the time to determine that the products really are good quality, but also because I hope they finally stop sending emails asking me to review the products!!

Laura D.

Too soon to tell how well these work but it is wonderful to finally have a brush that can be replaced without having to sacrifice the handle.

Great sustainable option

I ordered this dish brush with a few replaceable brush heads to replace our plastic version. It is extremely well made and visually appealing. Definitely an upgrade and I’m excited to compost/replace the brush heads at end of life!

Works great with Lifetime Aluminum Brush

Works great - love that the brush is all natural. Only improvement would be to add a scraper.

Brittany C.S.
Useless without replacements

These end up being wasteful because you cannot find replacement heads for the aluminum handle. I've been on the waiting list for months. I am about to throw out the handle and go with something different.

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