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Zero Waste Outlet Discounts & Specials

Save money, time, and most importantly, resources when you buy more.

Smaller orders consume more resources like fuel, shipping materials, and labor. When you buy in bulk, each item uses less of these resources per shipment, so we encourage larger orders by offering discounts on slightly larger orders. 

Buying in bulk benefits your wallet & Mother Earth! 

Shipping small orders takes a lot of resources per item and uses more resources. For this reason, we encourage our customers to stock up on the products they need so we can make more efficient use of the time, fuel, materials, and cost it takes to get you your order.

In order to reduce resources like fuel, packing materials, and cost, we offer bulk discounts on many of our products when you buy more than one of the same product!  

Great for stocking up or for sharing as gifts to help grow the ZW movement!


This Month's Bundle Deals