Grandma's Dish Towel

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Color Light Peach

Say no to polyester plastic in your fabrics and insist on using only all-natural fabrics. Natural fibers are biodegradable and can be safely returned to the Earth when they are no longer of use.

This 100% organic cotton dish towel is the best one we have ever used! Made with polyester-free yarn and using only natural dyes, the luxurious weave of this towel makes it super absorbent, and it has a heavy feel to it.

Just like most high-quality dish towels, this one has a loop at one end that is commonly used to secure it to a stove handle or drawer handle. 

This is like Grandma's dish towel, and we are impressed with the quality and the absorbency. Not a cheaply-made or a thin towel!

We guarantee this will be one of your favorite dish towels ever, or we'll buy it back!

  • Size: 15 3/4" x 15 3/4"
  • 5 Colors: Ash Grey, Desert Sand, Light Peach, Olive Green, or Plum Red
  • 100% Recyclable 
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Hanging Loop
  • Ultra Absorbent 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I love this product it’s the best

Beautiful & functional!

These towels are amazing! They are soft, absorbant, and come with a sewn in label that doubles as hook for drying. I bought one to "test drive" and quickly ordered more colors. Guests have commented on their quality and rich colors; all have been floored when I told them the price and that they are organic cotton. Easily one of the best products at Zero Waste Outlet!

Surprisingly worth it!

I really do long to be as ZW as possible - so buying a towel is something I normally wouldn't do. However I wanted something more absorbent than a typical dish towel since I spend so much time washing/drying dishes. It's very absorbent and doesn't get a funky smell when hanging to dry. Super super happy I purchased this!

Great towels

I love these so much I ordered a second set to gift. The colors are beautiful and I like the stretch and feel of the knit.

Rick S.
Great Towels!!

My wife and I were at a festival at a local brewery one afternoon and there was a craft fair at the place. She bought one of these kitchen towels from a vendor there.
Maybe a couple of days later, she put it through the wash and then tried it. She seemed pretty excited about how good it worked. Most people don't get very excited about kitchen towels. Every time she used it she kept telling me how nice it works and we should buy more. I kept thinking to myself, " big deal, another kitchen towel, we have plenty and they all work the same.
Eventually I gave in and tried it out for myself. My wife was right. I have some big stock pots and one time around the pot, it was dry. I was sold.
I ordered 4 more for us and 1 for our daughter-in-law. I'd recommend them to anybody. Don't worry, if I meet you on the street I'm not going to try to convert you. If you see me as a stranger on the street and ask me about kitchen towels I'll give you an honest answer. That happens more than you'd think.
We'll have to try some of their other products.

These are some serious towels!

Beautifully crafted, thick and absorbent cotton kitchen towels in great colors! I am in a wheelchair, I just spread one of these on my lap and use it for a tablecloth when I'm eating in my wheelchair. I live alone, so nobody cares if I eat in the front room right? They're perfect for tucking under my apron ties when I'm working in the kitchen. They're so handy for wiping up spills, crumbs, drying a few dishes, as a trivet for hot dishes, and a hundred other uses. I love the earth tone colors for my kitchen, which has dark granite countertops and black appliances. They look very handsome and professional!

Mikayla M.
Best Towel Ever

I'm a recipe developer and spend a lot of time in my kitchen. This towel is amazing, it's my new go to. Super absorbent, simple but does the job well instead of just pushing spills around.

I'll be order more with my next order and highly recommend them!