Straw Cleaning Brush

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Clean your straws with this coconut and metal straw cleaning brush. 

It's perfect for getting inside any straw to make cleaning quick and easy. 


  • 8" Long
  • Coconut Bristles
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Loop on End 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Perfect for thin spaces!

These are very thin...made for the thin straws. I'm glad I have these on hand. I don't think they're very bendable so I'm not sure how to clean the bent straw, but they'll be perfect for the rest!


convenient and no plastic packaging


Very good quality

Mar-yannu H.
Exactly what I needed

The straw cleaning brush is perfect. I have a water bottle with a flip up drinking straw (plastic!), that had been retired. Since receiving this brush, I have been able to thoroughly clean the bottle straw and can again use it.

Sheresade P.
Works well

Sturdy and durable. Works well for my thin straws. Had to wiggle around for my bigger straws but worked either way.

Chandra S.
short bristles

Sturdy straw brush. The bristles are very short, though strong. Useful for the cleaning of the narrow straks, but not much else. I'll have to buy another very different straw brush to clean wide mouthed straws. Yay for more products to own and ship.


I think these are nice and absolutely love that they do not have any plastic. I just wish they were wider, or that there was a wider option. These are very narrow even in a standard straw. The majority of my straws are fairly large, smoothie size, and these just float around in them. It’s hard to tell if they get anything clean in there. Either way, I love that these exist and I hope they have more size options in the future as I will be happy to collect them all.