VEGAN Eco-Floss in RAINBOW Stainless Steel Container

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This beautiful stainless steel container comes with 33 yards of our popular Vegan Charcoal and Bamboo Floss. 

Made with natural ingredients like candelilla wax and a hint of peppermint essential oils, it is strong and safe for the planet.

And unlike silk floss, it is 100% Vegan! 

Now you can get this amazing floss in a fun and colorful refillable container. The iridescent color will bring a hint of color to your bathroom routine and it is made to last a lifetime. 

Use our Vegan Floss Refill Spool to refill this container when needed. 

  • 100% Vegan and 100% Biodegradable
  • 33 Yards of Floss Included
  • Colorful Stainless Steel Container With Iridescent Color
  • Strong and Effective
  • Lid Has Built-In Cutter


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amanda A.
Great product.

I love the versatility of the the stainless steel container and reusable purpose. I had a glass one before that I broke pretty quickly. Happy to have a safer option.

Tina G.

I love my pretty, little, reusable floss tube. Great lightweight addition to my bag. Super fast shipping and, as stated, there’s not a bunch of wasteful packaging.
Every little bit counts. Thank you.

Kate M.
Great floss and durable container

This floss has a great texture that really gets between your teeth and removes build-up. I previously had a glass container for my dental lace that broke, so I love this steel option that's going to last much longer. Love the design, too.

Kelsey H.

I LOVE THIS. I got it as a free gift with my order and gave it to my boyfriend who shattered his glass one.

Mary M.

My first no waste floss case was glass. Now I can leave that one at home and this can be my travel version - adorbs and shock absorbs! ;)

Anna W.
Wanted to love, but no luck

The floss sounded wonderful in description, but it is not usable as dental floss. It is extremely flimsy and broke off in between my teeth multiple times during first use. I ended up needing to use regular dental floss to get this floss unstuck from inbetween my teeth.