Zero Waste Natural Concentrated Cleaners

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Ditch the Cupboard of Harmful Cleaning Products for Good!

As we all know, chemicals found in most commercial cleaners are toxic, non-renewable, damaging to the environment, and dangerous for both humans and animals.

So let's do the planet and your body a favor and switch to a natural, eco-friendly, and zero waste cleaner.

Enter - Zero Waste Natural Cleaners

These zero waste natural, or enzymatic cleaners, are eco-friendly cleaning products that use "Good" bacteria and an enzymatic reaction to literally eat dirt and harmful bacteria. Deep cleaning, and naturally deodorizing surfaces for days at a time. 

When you use these zero waste all-natural cleaners The natural enzyme reactions keep working long after you’ve cleaned, actually reducing your need to clean as often  - meaning less work for you! 

Plus, you get 2 times the cleaning power in one little bottle.

Each 1.69oz bottle of zero waste cleaner makes TWO 16oz spray bottles of natural cleaning power!

Use your own spray bottles, or use our glass spray bottles, your choice!


These zero waste concentrated cleaners are made in a sustainable way that is kind to the planet, and by producing these beneficial enzymes, these cleaners are a great way for us all to help Mother Earth by literally adding to the environment rather than taking away from it. 

  • Available in:
    • Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate (scent-free)
    • Bathroom Cleaning Concentrate (mild citrus scent)
    • Glass & Mirror Cleaning Concentrate (scent-free)
  • One 50ml (1.69oz) bottle of concentrate makes TWO 16oz spray bottles
  • Enzymes digest organic matter, literally eating away dirt, grime, and odors
  • Continues cleaning for days after use, reducing the amount you need to clean
  • 100% zero waste, vegan, and biodegradable
  • Natural cleaners can also help reduce allergens and help keep your environment healthy
  • Spray Bottles Sold Seperatly 

Check out our 17oz Frosted Glass Spray Bottles if you need a bottle.

Each spray bottle comes with a handy guide printed on the back of the bottle to remind you which color liquid is for which purpose.



Multi-Purpose: Natural Bacteria, Alcohols, Hydroxides & Inner Salts (scent-free)

Bathroom: Natural Enzymes, Alcohols & Lactic Acid (mild citrus scent)

Glass & Mirror: Natural Bacteria, Alcohols, Hydroxides & Inner Salts (scent-free)

Zero Waste Concentrated Cleaners

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Love it

So easy!

Jennifer J.
Works great!

So in the time I’ve had the glass cleaner, I’ve cleaned mirrors and our sliding glass door. And this is pretty standard use, however our dog looks out those sliding doors at squirrels and birds, and so I’m cleaning off jowl drool and nose prints. And I cleaned the outside so also dirt and drool where he comes in and out his doggy door flap. And then I decided to just see what this cleaner could do on the shower doors that I just sort of hate. I’d used my usual shower cleaner a day earlier but the outside of the doors looked gross still. I didn’t even try that hard and this cleaner helped them look shiny. So I figured ok- let’s see what it’ll do on the inside then. Literally shiny shower doors. I had such low hopes for these doors I really didn’t even think I was doing a great job, but I’m super impressed. Add to all this the joy of low environmental impact and I’m hooked!

K W.
Works & smells great!

I wanted to get all 3 Zero Waste Natural Concentrated Cleaners. But, they are so popular, the only one that wasn't sold out was the Glass & Mirror Cleaner. It works great and smells lovely. We have two dogs, so our sliding glass door and front door sidelights get VERY dirty. This cleaner cuts right through the mess and leaves our windows looking lovely. The fact that it's a concentrate and an enzymatic cleaner is a huge bonus for me.

Amanda P.
Perfect for Cleaning the Kitchen

I'm so impressed with how well this product works! Cuts through grease and other random kitchen counter ickies with ease and I'm not purchasing gross plastic bottles every few months. It's a win-win!

Brenda C.
Cleaning supplies

Works great! Nice concentrated cleaning solutions.

Thomas L.
The cleaning products

It does the job, the bath room cleaner does pretty well, an the multi purpose cleaner did ok.

Finally found my cleaner

I have been looking for a concentrated earth friendly option for cleaning, this is finally it.
I wasn’t sure about scent free, but the cleaning is great, so I’m getting used to the no scent. I realize that an added smell is unnecessary. Everything about the package is recyclable- not even a plastic seal on the lid! Plus it’s safe for my kids to use, because they need to help around the house. I’m using the cleaners in my own bottles for now. Using what you already have is green too! Cleans great and I will be buying more.