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5 Reasons You Need to Switch to Not Paper Towels

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At this point, you can find paper towels anywhere you go, whether it’s your office, a public bathroom, a friend’s house, or even in your own kitchen. And for good reason, since paper towels are convenient to keep on hand for any spills or to disinfect surfaces! However, we have to find a more sustainable way to clean up after ourselves.

Paper towels might be small, but they have a massive environmental impact. They contribute to deforestation, global warming, and of course, landfill waste, assuming every paper towel we use even makes it to the landfill. In the US alone, we use around 13 billion pounds of paper towels each year.

If you ask us, that statistic alone should be concerning enough for everyone to want to find out five more reasons why we need to switch to the eco-friendly alternative, Not Paper Towels!

1. Not Paper Towels Reduce Your Waste

 Not Paper Towels in Sleeve

Imagine a world where it isn't normal to throw out items after one use, especially when it directly affects the planet. Well, that’s essentially the goal with Not Paper Towels; to change wasteful habits and shift our perspective on all household items. 

Since the rise of paper towels, it’s just become a habit for most people to pick up a new roll for convenient use. But oddly enough, we don’t have the same mindset when it comes to bath towels, beach towels, or rags; we reuse the ones we have. Not Paper Towels are the perfect zero waste product since you buy them once and never throw them out. Instead of tossing each one in the trash, you toss them in the washing machine, let them dry, and put them right back where you found them!

2. Not Paper Towels are Biodegradable

 Zero Waste Bulk Kitchen

To make things even more sustainable, our Not Paper Towels are fully biodegradable! Since these towels are made from 100% cotton flannel, they will naturally break down on their own. Natural, plant-based fibers can break down in as little as a few weeks, as opposed to synthetic materials, which can take years.

3. Reusables Are Just as Effective

Not Paper Towels on a Roll

Don’t worry; we wouldn’t suggest a less effective or efficient product than the original one! Not Paper Towels do the exact same thing as single-use towels. In fact, their cotton flannel material makes them durable to withstand washes yet absorbent enough to clean up liquids or solids, just as any paper towel would!

Beyond that, you can roll them up and grab one in the same fashion as paper towels! Thanks to the flannel material, these reusable towels don’t need a snap closure because they will naturally cling together once you roll them up.

4. Not Paper Towels Are Versatile and Multipurpose

Not Paper Towel Kitchen

You can use your Not Papers for just about anything in your home. If you need an extra hand towel, grab an Not Paper Towels. Need something to dust with? Grab a Not Paper! You can fold them up and put them in a basket so that you can easily grab one whenever you need it. Or, roll them together and put them in your kitchen for spills, hand towels, or to disinfect the counters! 

5. Reusables Save You Money

 Three Pack of Not Paper Towels

In case you needed one last reason to switch to Not Paper Towels, well, they actually save you tons of money! And since cleaning tools and house supplies aren’t exactly the most exciting purchases, why not choose the most affordable option? 

Most households spend over $100 a year on paper towels alone when they can make a one time purchase of $30 on towels that will last years. You can use Not Paper Towels multiple times a day and wash them each week; you won’t need to worry about their durability. They’re made from some of the strongest plant-based fabrics and designed to last. That’s the beauty of zero waste and sustainable products; instead of just focusing on convenience, they’re also built for longevity!

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