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About Our Packaging and Shipping Methods

Zero Waste Outlet Packaging

Zero Waste Outlet is committed to using only biodegradable packing materials when we ship your order out.

There is absolutely no plastic air bags, or Styrofoam peanuts. 

We use a combination of recyclable and biodegradable materials to pack your order.  

100% Recyclable Packing Materials

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Paper for wrapping or stuffing
  • Paper based tape with no fiberglass
  • Recyclable paper stickers
  • Packing slips and labels 

100% Compostable Packing Materials

  • Jute twine for tying when needed
  • Compostable mailers made of cornstarch 

These compostable materials can be composted at home in just a few weeks. If you don't have access to a compost system they can, as a last resort, be thrown into the trash to decompose in the landfill. It's not ideal but its not plastic either. 

If you would rather have only 100% recyclable materials and no compostable materials, please add a note to your order in the cart.  

How We Pack Your Order

Each order is packed according to the size and durability of the contents. Some products require bigger boxes or mailers to accommodate their shape or to protect them from damage. We use the smallest container possible to save on  materials and shipping costs.

We will often wrap several items together in kraft paper and use paper stickers and/or jute twine to hold everything together during transport. This allows us to use less paper filler and adds a fun presentation style that is not available from big box stores. 

Our unique packing methods are designed to reduce the amount of packing materials and to also protect the contents so they arrive undamaged. It takes longer and costs more, but we think it is well worth the extra time and cost to protect our planet! 

Who We Use To Ship Your Order

We proudly ship all orders using USPS. Most orders are shipped 3 business day with the upgraded option of Priority 2-day service available for an additional fee.

Why We Charge For Shipping

Shipping cost money, and instead of passing that cost to everyone, we offer a flat rate shipping charge of $6.50 for all orders under $50, and FREE SHIPPING on all order over $50.

This helps us get more out of the resources (fuel, labor, packing materials, etc.) that it takes to ship your order to you, without raising the prices on every product.

Customers with larger orders get the discounted shipping to encourage the best use of these costly shipping resources and reduce the carbon footprint of our orders.

See our store policies and shipping rate page for more info.

How Fast We Ship

We ship every weekday for pickup from the post office. Orders placed before midnight are shipped the following business day.