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Zero Waste Outlet FAQs


How Do I Dispose of Zero-Waste Products?

Our products are designed to be either 100% recycled, or completely biodegradable, or both. If your product has metal in it, it can be recycled in your recycle bin once it is separated from the other materials. 

Our coconut fiber scrub brushes, for example, uses a metal wire frame to hold the coconut coir fibers. Simply cut the wire frame with tin snips and untwist the wire to remove the coconut coir when the product is no longer useful. Recycle the metal and the coconut coir can be placed in the compost bin or trash to decompose in the landfill. 

Many of our products are made with cotton, boar hair, bamboo, wool, and other natural materials that can be recycled, composted, or sent to the landfill if needed. All of these natural materials will eventually decompose in the landfill, but recycling or composting is preferred.

Shipping Service

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We use USPS for the majority of our deliveries because of the cost and the fact that USPS is a great way to conserve resources like fuel and labor due to their daily routes.

How long does an order take to arrive?

Most orders that are placed before midnight MST are shipped out the next business day Monday-Friday. We sometimes ship out on Saturdays, but it is not guaranteed. It takes 2-3 days for your order to arrive once it is accepted by USPS.

Payment Types We Accept

What payment methods do you accept?

Most major credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Afterpay, and Shopify Pay are all accepted.

Do You Ship Internationally?

No, we do not ship outside the United States


Shipping Policy & Rates

We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 to help reduce the amount of resources it takes to ship small orders. Every order takes a certain amount of fuel, time, and labor to deliver so we encourage our customers to place orders that maximize resources for each order. For more information on our shipping rates and policies please read our Shipping Rates and Policy

Privacy Policy

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