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Classier than a plastic tube, obvi.

This is a great looking addition to the bathroom. Form & function.

I'm off the tube😁

Easy switch. These work great & taste good. I'm a convert.

Well made, Leaves my skin soft

Love this! I got it as a replacement for another scrub sponge I had and this did the trick! It dries very quick as well so I'm not worried about a ton of bacteria growth happening!


I’d learned that regular floss was made of plastic and then went searching for bamboo floss and was happy to find not only floss, but refillable containers. I’m on my second batch of refills.

Bar conditioner

Leaves hair soft and smooth


The tooth past tabs are great! some times I use two at a time, but very often one will do it. The knowledge that I'm not throwing away plastic tooth past tubes makes me feel virtuous. I am constantly looking for more things made of plastic that I don't need. Two thumbs up for this product.

The sponge works very well and last quite a long time. I am very pleased.

The sponge works very well and lasts quite a long time. I am very pleased.

Reluctant Consumer Satisfied

I was very hesitant and wanted to dislike this, to be honest, so I could go back to my regular detergent by saying the quality or prices weren’t comparable. But it turns out it works great, is so easy to use, and costs a little less than my liquid detergent. I’m a changed woman!

Works Amazing!

This dish block works better than other liquid soaps because it does its job well while being zero waste and vegan, as well as cruelty free and palm oil free. I store mine in the miso bamboo soap dish and use an eco sponge, both also sold from this store. I recommend getting all three to help reduce waste in the kitchen without compromising the quality you're used to!

Great Storage!

This is a great way to store your vegan dish block, and I believe it's compostable at the end of it's life. Also, it ships plastic free and looks nice on my sink.

My go-to toothbrushes

I love these toothbrushes. I had a hard time finding a good bamboo toothbrush, but these are it and I've ordered several times now. This time, I ordered some of the Charcoal color ones for my partner. They look black in the image, but they are more of a lighter grey than black. This was a little disappointing at first, but it's fine because we just needed to have different colors to tell them apart. Other than that. Perfection. 👍

Well Made Dish Tools

I found the kitchen tools to be very well made and extremely durable. The fit the hand and tickle the corners of my dishes with a gentle caress. My dishes love them as well.


This is a well-designed all around dishwashing brush, with its extended bristle area and short handle.


This has become my favorite toothbrush ever!

Better than Disposable Sponges!!

These eco sponges work better than disposable ones, and since they're not made of plastic and I believe they're biodegradable they're more environmentally friendly. I got mine to use in addition to the vegan dish block and soap tray.

I’m glad I am flouride free and no aluminum in my deodorant. I love not using plastic!

I’m loving my zero waste products. I’m excited not to be using plastic. I’m excited not to be using flouride and aluminum. I love the deodorant in cardboard container. It’s all awesome. I’m lightining my carbon footprint.

Just what I needed!

This comb is fabulous. It is durable and fits my pants pocket well. So long plastic comb!

Great little product!

My bamboo toothbrush loves its new stand! Snug and secure with a drain hole.

Nice brush

I like this brush head for the metal dish wand. It's soft so I know it won't scratch or scour. It seems well made, I've used it a few times and haven't lost bristles. I do wish they had a firmer bristle option like the do for the baboo wand.


Easy to use, tastes normal, mouth feels clean after brushing. Everything you want from toothpaste but environmentally friendly and better ingredients. I'd recommend and buy again.

Fantastic kit!

Such a perfect starter kit for anyone looking to reduce their impact on plastic waste. Everything was great quality and packaged so well - I love that every part of the package was recyclable!


Great product. Very satisfied.

Best sponge

Had a worry it wouldn't hold the water and soap as well as others but here I am really writing a review about a sponge

Eco-friendly, nice aesthetic and gets the job done!

Very happy with my purchase - the bristles are sturdy, and it feels good in the hand and love that it is natural!

Tastes Great, Compact & Eco Friendly!

I think the title just about sums it up. Very happy with my purchase and easy to travel with. Making a little tear in the corner to pour one out at a time and then fold over to seal back up works great!