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Love these!

I've bought these along with the standard brushes before and I love them! I'm always looking for sustainable products so I'll keep using these in the future!


I ordered two sponges back in Feb and they have lasted me up until May. We used both at the same time for different things and wash them regularly . When I say they've held up through a lot of washes, I mean it! Good at scrubbing tough spots too. We used them until they split it half into smaller pieces. a must buy in our house.

Hassle free cleaning

Works like a charm and quick drying as well.

Doesn’t Get Stuck in my Teeth!

ZWO’s Vegan Eco-Floss works great — no shredding and getting stuck between my tightly-spaced teeth + so much peppermint! Better in every way than synthetic floss. Quick shipping and there was even a sweet thank you note. Thanks, ZWO!

Excellent communication as well as product!


It is so impressive how there is no plastic inside the lid and they spin so smooth. They’re so nice to use. I highly recommend!

Great Price Clean Product

I love the look of my vegan lip butter, and so appreciate how affordable and clean it is!

Coconut Cup Brush
Rosanna R.
I love this little brush!

After well over a year, I finally bought a replacement for my first Coconut Cup Brush. These are great for gently cleaning morning coffee mugs, drinking glasses, bowls...anything with a curve. And when it was time to toss it in the guilt as it will all break down. Can't recommend these enough!

Love the Bamboo Floss!

It feels so good to not waste plastic anymore! Love the little glass container and the floss works great!

Great solution

I’ve used the dishwashing block for more than a year, and it works great. Much less expensive & wasteful than liquids, it also cleans the dishes just as well - or better.

This can also be used as a toilet brush!

I hadn't used it yet, but it's a great size and shape for a low flow toilet brush.
It's got strong bristles. I don't know how it works on bottles, but I presume quite well.
There just needs to be a stand to hang it on to be it's best.


I've been struggling to find a sponge for my 7-year-old: she says they are either too rough or too "tickly." This is the first sponge I saw her grab and use by herself, so we will definitely be ordering more!

Seems to work well, very nice smell

The deodorant has a very mild and pleasant smell. So far it seems to work well. I’ve had a real problem with other deodorants staining my shirts, and the Zero Waster deodorant does not done that.

Eco Strips - Exceeded Expectations!

I always have made my own eco friendly laundry soap in the past but it was always a challenge to find the time. When I found Eco Strips I thought this might be my solution! Wash after wash they have exceeded expectation. I now have my mother a fan of this product as well! She's a fan on many levels beyond the eco friendly. One of which she no longer has to lug heavy jugs!

Toothpaste tabs

These are nice tablets that have a nice minty flavor. One packet fits the glass container. Nice product. Will buy again.

Cute glass container

One packet fills the container. I love the wood top as well. Very nice product.

So good

What a cool product. Easy enough to make, works well, plastic free.

Second purchase!

I’ve been using the fragrance free one for several months and overall, really like it, especially the fact that it’s aluminum and plastic free. Love the scent of the rose. Only issue is for some reason it seems to be less effective now that spring (and warmer weather) is here. Some days I have a noticeable stink. It may be me as much as anything- changing body etc. - so I purchased the detox bar to see if that would help and it does!

Skin feels great!

I love using this sponge so much. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth. It seems like my skin gets less oily during the day, too, which was unexpected.

Just works!

I’ve been using the zero waste deodorant cube for months now (and got over the initial detox “hurdle” from antiperspirant) but as the weather warms up, I’ve been noticing a distinct BO smell some days. I could speculate as to why but that’s neither here nor there. Enter the detox bar: I use it once a week or every other, and it seems to do the trick - no more occasional funky days!

Wonderful soap

I really love this big block of dish soap. Lathers nicely, cleans well, and smells good. And it's nice to be able to feel so virtuous every time I don't buy a plastic bottle of soap.

Love these things!

These are great for really getting things clean

Love that it’s replaceable !

This is my favorite floss