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Best Shave Soap

The best shave soap!

Better than liquid

I really like how big this soap block is and how long it lasts. Makes really nice soap bubbles and my dishes come out super clean. I will continue to order this soap. :)

Perfect for my big soap block!

Bought this to replace a little cedar soap holder when I bought the big boy soap block sold on zero waste outlet. It's perfect. Doesn't let me soap sit in water and looks nice enough to keep it out. :)

Excellent sturdy brush

This brush does a much better job than the plastic ones I have had. The unusual shape and density makes it especially effective scrubbing hard to reach nooks and crannies.

Quality nail brush

Very happy with this handsome, well constructed totally recyclable brush. Doing my best to avoid purchasing plastic and it is making a difference. Like the eco packaging as well.

It great & it works

I haven't had a problem with it. With proper care, if you let it dry completely there is no stink. It is a little hard to scrub with at first but once you get to using it, it softens out. I love that it's not plastic & it looks nice with the rest of my eco friendly, natural look of the kitchen.

Plastic free

Cleans teeth just as well as traditional toothpaste but without the tongue pain, and especially without the Plastic packaging. Thrilled. Perhaps they will get more affordable over time so low income people can afford a plastic free lifestyle too.

Glass & Bamboo Jar
Alexandra I.

It’s super cute and holds two packs of unpaste toothpaste pills. I love the smooth thread of the lid and heft of the glass.

Great so far! (7 days)

I just bought these last month and started using them for cleaning various surfaces and items in the kitchen. Soft, absorbent, drys fast, durable with scrubbing counters, and love the designs. Too soon to tell how long they will last, yet as someone who has a tendency to destroy everything I touch… these have been amazingly without any signs of destruction so far! No fading, threads are still intact, doesn’t stretch out when wringing… so far!

Wonderful, soothing

My facial skin is every kind of dry and oily and fine. Most facial cleansers make me break out into acne. This one doesn’t. It’s soothing to put on and leaves my skin in great, smooth, moisturized but not oily afterward. In fact, I think it’s been healing sun damage and other factors in air pollution that upsets my skin. Highly recommend you try it!

Best Tea Strainer

Easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t stain. This is the best kind of tea strainer available anywhere. Doesn’t effect flavor of tea, which tea bags and hard to clean mesh wire nets can be. Fits any mug. Comes packaged without unnecessary plastics or waste.

Super handy Can covers

These can be a little tricky to get on cat food cans, but once you get the hang of it they’re unbeatable! Love that they keep my kitty’s food fresh.

Kongac Sponge

The sponge is lathers really nice and is gentle on your skin. I use it for my face. I love it.

Bye bye bottles

Great lather, scent, and cleans well. Love this shampoo bar.

Can’t Go Wrong With These

These are perfect for holding my bar soaps!


This little jar is just the right size to hold all of my toothpaste tabs! Love it so much!


I’ve been wanting a more sustainable option for my toothpaste and these are PERFECT! I love that it comes in a fluoride option. It’s just enough for two months’ worth so I know exactly how much I’m using and when to order again! Totally worth it and will be purchasing again.

Way to Stay Clean and Feel Good about It

I've been using the laundry strips for a couple years now and have always been happy with them. I even mailed samples to my children and friends to get them interested.

Love the smell

I have been using the lavendar deodorant for several months.
It smells lovely, it does not leave stains on clothes and stops me having body odor.
Plus, it relieves my conscience from using plastic.
I highly recommend it.

Packaging is thoughtfully non plastic

No Plastic-That’s the point.
This use of all compostable material, container and swabs-bypasses plastic. Container is great on the shelf instead of ducked into a drawer…


Great taste! My school aged kids love them too.

Well done

Just tried your lip butter. It is really good,great for gifts too!

Great reusable covers1

I bought these as an after thought and I am so glad I did. They fit everything from the smallest cat food cans to large mixing bowls. Perfect

Like it

Do the Job, Good Flavor

They did a great job on these tooth tabs. The flavor is just mint, so it feels fresh and normal. I think they got the right combo of natural but not so far that it doesn't work. If they didn't have fluoride in them, I wouldn't have bought them.

The biggest con is that when you bite into them they're all chalky. It doesn't feel as nice as toothpaste. There's no lather. I'll get over it, especially with the environmental perks, but it should be said.

BONUS: Never have to worry about airport security taking your toothpaste again.