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Love the razor

I liked it, the key thing is using it right. If you treat it as you would a plastic razor, you'll likely cut yr self. Keep a consistent angle and don't expect it to flex with yr curves..

Love them

Love them, my teeth feel clean.

Súper cute

Cute, and easy to wash.

Great product

We love the smell, makes nice foam.

Great Clean & Mint Flavor

These had a great mint flavor and left my mouth feeling refreshed! I felt I needed to use two tablets rather than one for my mouth to feel fully clean. However, the clean feeling and mint flavor lasted much longer than regular toothpaste. They were easy to use and I love that they are zero waste!! So glad I decided to try them!

bottle brush

I wanted to love this brush, and its got some good aspects, like the fibers used for scrubbing. But the base of the brush is too bendy and so you don't feel like you get any real scrubbing traction. If the manufacturers could tweak the metal wiring to be more sturdy, then I would be super satisfied and would purchase again.

wooden toothbrushes a hit!

love these toothbrushes. have tried other bamboo ones but these are the best so far. Great bristles and perfect size for tiny mouths. Highly recommend!

Nice razor

Quality handle with good weight to it. Environmental because it comes with 10 blades. I have cut myself a couple of times and I’m not sure it makes my shave last any longer or gets much closer

Great soap

The block of soap was very easy to use. Very sudsy and cut
grease and dirt very well.

Pleasantly Surprised

Used the recommended one strip for a typical load of colors and it clothes came out clean, soft and fresh. I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised at how well it worked! I am adding the full pack to my cart.

This is so great!

Perfect for my Kleen Kanteens...water bottles (small mouth...gotta put it in at an angle) and insulated coffee thermos. It removed most of the stains that my other stupid plastic one did not. A must have for any kitchen, IMO. 😉

Cute dish

Does the job and looks nice.

Lasts long time and works for napkins too

I bought a pack of these a year ago and they still work great and use them all the time. Now I roll them onto an empty paper towel roll and it's even better! I don't think you need to get a special roll.

No waste and works great

I have used Native for awhile and this deodorant seems very comparable and I'm glad there is nothing to throw away. Looks nice on the small, wooden soap dish.

Work great

Works great and they are a good, large size to get the job done.

Easy way to store soap bar and makes a nice lather

Love hanging soap in a bag instead of melting on a dish. Works up a good lather too.

Great toothpaste and no waste!

Love this toothpaste. Teeth feel nice and clean. They the tabs look nice in my glass container. Won't go back to tubes!

I love this product!

I was making my own deodorant for a while, and this is way better. It smells great. I will admit it’s expensive.

Great for not being toothpaste

I love this product, but know that if you’re switching from toothpaste - this is not toothpaste. The mouthfeel is different and it takes some getting used to. But, my teeth have felt just as clean and I often find that minty feeling lasts just as long if not longer.

Thats better

Its so frustrating to hate your dish brush... plastic that breaks, bristles that warp, or sponges that hold on to moisture and ick. I love this dish brush!! Its a little smaller than expected, but it does its job perfectly. And its actually lovely to look at. We drilled a hook in the cabinet above the sink so it can hang. Can’t speak to longevity, we went ahead and purchased replacement heads so we’re ready when needed.


Was very pleasantly surprised by the experience having never tried tablet toothpaste before. The flavor is great, it felt very refreshing, and had a full coverage lather despite their small size. Got just one pack to start with, and immediately committed to ordering more. We’ve been using more healthful toothpastes that were jarringly flavorless and gritty which left us feeling like we were making a real sacrifice... these do not!


NO MORE LIFTING HEAVY PLASTIC LAUNDRY BOTTLES...OR buying plastic! I absolutely love these laundry strips, they smell great, clean very well, and are so simple to use by just tossing one into your wash!!

Awesome Awesome Awesome

Reduce Reduce Reduce!! Floss ALWAYS is combined with the plastic case.....I hated it! When I found this little guy, I was so excited, and its refillable!! another bonus.....thank you for making this happen as I'm trying to reduce plastic use! It was also easier to pull out then what it looked. Good job ZWO

Best Natural Deodorant YET

This worked better then I thought......especially after trial and error on many different brands like Native. It allowed me to sweat, but not profusely like I normally do. It also kept the BO content down......there was still some, but never got soooooo bad. I would def. get again...I got it in conjunction with body powder they sell here to keep fresh and sweat down and feel like that will help....lost the powder so have to buy another one!

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