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Zero waste is the way to Go

I purchased the brown and white soap bags, as the reviews said the brown was more abrasive. I was pleasantly surprised to use these soap bags as intended. The reviews were right and on rough spots that brown one really gets the spot. Definitely recommend both.

Hard Water

It didn't make my hair feel hard like other shampoo bars. It also has very nice suds.


It made my hair very soft after one use.

Love it

I have hated not being able to use deodorant with eco-friendly packaging for years. This takes care of that problem and works great- better than anything I remember using before. My husband likes it so much he kept asking for more to be ordered early to be sure we didn't run out. He has skin issues and this stuff hasn't bothered him at all. Thank you for the great product!

Why did I not think of this before

Does exactly what it is supposed to do. I do not plan on living without one again. Thank you!

New Kitchen Dish Brush!

I've been hunting for just the right kitchen brush and I found it! The Lifetime Scrub Brush fits perfectly in my hand and has the correct angle for washing dishes, etc., and the best part is the brush head is replaceable! This company has great customer service too!

Finally! A forest-friendly pitstick!

Excellent Product - my armpit bacteria & I love the Earl Grey! No plastic, good odor, comfy not greasy. Best of all no coconut oil / palm oil / "shea butter" etc. The "Zero Waste" pitstick I was using before had coconut oil in it, and it seems nearly all of them do. These oils are a major cause of deforestation in parts of the world where such trees grow. It's a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, which is good because despite what they say in TV ads, homo sapiens is one of those mammals that God and Darwin agree is supposed to sweat. Since I switched to a mostly vegan diet 4 years ago, my various body odors have gotten a lot less pungent, but I still need a deo to make sure I'm not too stanky at the office after the morning bike commute. Next on my list is finding an oil-free sun block with low forest impact - any suggestions?

Both an attractive and functional product

Wow, what a nice change, from even compostable silverware that still needs to be disposed of, and a eco-friendly pouch for storage and for traveling! Very sturdy and attractive looking, too!

Makes my hair soft with no conditioner, in hard water!

I don’t need conditioner at all, and I have long, thick (but straight) hair. I also have hard water and have had issues with other shampoo bars clogging up my hair, but those issues are gone! I love it. I have a wall Mount magnetic soap holder from Beauty and the Bees and it keeps my shampoo bar dry and not melts in my shower. Love it.

The bar itself does smell strongly of hemp, which you can faintly smell on your hair, so if you get a conditioner I would recommend getting one with a different scent to mask it.

An even better product than I even expected

This Hemp and Cotton Wash Towel really works well for washing dishes, and the open weave causes the towel to dry well and relatively quickly, too.

Great reusable paper towels

Ordered two packs of reusable paper towels and I love them. They are thicker than another brand, I like that. They wash up nicely. I also received my order in a very timely manner. Will order again when needed.

Cute grease with minimum soap

We love this soap! We’ve used soap in the past where you’ve had to use so much of the bottle just to clean a tiny cup! This soap though requires a minimum amount to do many dishes!

Half dome great all around brush

The half dome is a great all-around dish brush that I could easily see transition to an all- purpose cleaning tool for other rooms in the house. I would like to have seen a picture of it from another angle so the half-dome term would've registered in my mind as just that - half dome, not all around like cotton candy on a stick. Still super happy with my purchase though!

Great Product!

Happy with this bottle brush! It’s sturdy, works well to reach the inside of my reusable water bottle, and I like that it’s made of natural materials. Plastic free! :)

This a wonderful product and will order again in future

Great Product!

It's a very good product! No complaints here!


Yea his one is my favorite of the brushes I got, and it will definitely be a staple in my kitchen for years to come. Love all your items & plastic free packaging.

Great for jars & bottles

I love this brush for any item with hard to reach places.

Very Strong bristles

The bristles on this one are very strong, so it will be good to use on my sink or tough food stuck on dishes.

Lathers well

I love this soap block, it fit perfectly in my sink caddy & it lathers very well. Love that there is no plastic is your packaging.

I like them

These are fun to use and I don’t even miss using regular toothpaste!

The Only One for Me

These swabs are excellent for so many reasons. The buds are tight, so there will not be a problem with having them come detached, which happened to me with the other brand. I'm fully aboard no plastic parts, too.

Love 'em!

I use this every day, effective and non-scratching. Lasts a long time and is easy to clean up. Love 'em!

Excellent Product

This is by far our family favorite shampoo bar. Cleanses great and has a lovely light scent!


The quality of these are superb! Don’t hesitate on buying them!!