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So easy and no mess

I love these strips! No more lifting a heavy detergent bottle and no more accidental spills! I will be purchasing these from here on out!


This lid is a perfect fit. I absolutely love it!!

Dish washing set

I really enjoy the block of bar soap, as a new zero-waste enthusiast it is hard to find alternatives and this product is a great option for plastic-free dish washing.

Takes a little getting used to but they're great

I find it's helpful to rinse your mouth with water or have a little in your mouth to help when crushing the tablet to form the proper consistency. Doesn't freshen your breath as strongly as a traditional toothpaste so you may need to use mouthwash. SO much cheaper than the similar product By Humankind. Love that it includes fluoride! So many toothpaste tabs don't.

Good so far!

I felt awful throwing away ziplock bags so I got these to try out. So far they seem really good. It takes a little effort to get the top sliding cover off sometimes, but they seem to be good and airtight. Seller was great too as I received one that had a slice in it (likely from a box cutter) and they replaced the whole set! If you wash them in the dishwasher, they do seem to retain a bit of detergent smell (if you used fragranced detergent).

Good, simple

Just needed something for my scrub brush to rest on and this does the trick! I haven't had it very long so I can't say how well it will hold up quite yet but it seems good.

Great sponge

Works great. I like that it’s able to be put in the dishwasher.

Amazing service!

I order from here every few months and this was the smallest order I’ve ever made and yet they STILL sent a sweet letter, a free gift, AND it was wrapped so cute. I love Zero Waste Outlet and I can’t recommend them enough!!

Deoderant takes getting used to

THe fragrance is wonderful, but the texture of the stick is very stiff and scratchy. It's pulling the skin as I apply it. However, it works well as an antiperspirant and deoderant. Hopefully after I've used it a while it will smooth out.

Conditioner Bar A Pleasant Surprise

Recently I bought a tea tree shampoo bar from Trader Joes just to try it. It's very nice but requires conditioner in order to soften the hair after use. This Conditioner from Zero Waste goes well with the tea tree and actually softens the hair very nicely. I'll be back to try other shampoo/conditioner bars!

So nice to use

I bought 2 sets of the unpaper towels - spring plaids and the assorted. They feel really nice to use and a great size. At first I had to make myself clean up bad messes with them (spaghetti sauce, for example) because I was a bit scared they may get stained, but so far they have washed up great and still look like new. Kids really like them too and seem more willing to help wipe down the table and help out with cleaning than before.


Love this bundle idea for eliminating plastic in the kitchen. However, something has a very unpleasant smell to it. I think its the brush and I’m hoping that after some use it will fade.

Worth every penny!

I cannot give enough praise to these un paper towels. We eliminated regular paper towels from our house over a year ago, but just recently got the un paper towels. WOW! I don’t know why we waited so long. They get so much use in our house, & after multiple cycles in the washer & dryer, they still roll up nicely on the roll. Absolutely no complaints- an amazing alternative!

A Winner!

Just got back from the dentist, and my teeth are in such great shape that my dentist and dental hygienist immediately googled this product, and may be contacting you for samples. I've been using Unpaste with Fluoride for a few weeks, and didn't want to review until my dental health providers checked my teeth. So, great stuff, you guys! Will keep buying this for my family.

Pleasantly Surprised

I was a bit hesitant about making the switch to tabs. It took a few brushes to get used to it, but now I feel like it actually cleans better than a traditional paste and I can't imagine going back.

Great plastic free alternative

I have been using these toothpaste tabs for 2 months now and they have impressed me! My teeth feel clean and they are easy to use!

Basic dish washing kit

Ordered this item recently. First time to order from your company. I really like the soap, the wooden holder, and the brush. Have not used the brush yet as I had a similar one that I am using still. I do like the fact that your brush seems like it will be a good one. The soap reminds me of my Grandmother who kept a bar of Ivory soap on her kitchen sink for washing her sink out. The shipping was good and the item arrived in good condition. Like to order from small companies who care about what they sell and how it is used.

"Paper" Towel Tube

I tried using the tube from an old roll of paper towels, but this was worth it to roll the towels neatly.

Best Eco- Sponge!

I love my loofah sponge!! It takes a little bit to break it in, but once you do it works really well. I have tried several different products to replace "conventional" sponges, and this is the only one that really fits the bill. Love that when it falls apart, it's just plant material and I can compost it.

Excellent alternative!

The Unpaper towels are doing a great job in my busy kitchen. I bought two of the rainbow set and they look good and work great. I found it helpful to locate a small net laundry bag near the waste basket for the used Unpaper towels and just throw the whole thing in the wash with towels or other color laundry. I feel so good about cutting down on paper waste.


The heavy duty tube is sturdy enough to support all of my new Unpaper towels. Works great!

Too flexible and to narrow

I'm a long time user of those cylindrical sponge bottle cleaners. They have a lot of surface area to make contact with your brush, are easy to maneuver, and quick to dry. But they're not eco-friendly, so I wanted to switch to this coconut fiber bottle brush. I was hesitant because of the many reviews that said it was too flexible, and gave in too much when pressed against the sides of the bottle you're trying to wash. I figured, what the heck, I'll try anyways. Unfortunately, it's true- it's too flexible to get any real scrubbing power in. I'm not even trying to wash off lasagna residue off these bottles- just oils from coffee, but it just doesn't get a good scrub. The other issue is the shape- the brush is too narrow, so it doesn't make contact with the bottle very well. I end up spending too much time using the small bent head to make sure I cover every inch of the inside of the bottle. I will still continue to use this instead of buying another sponge-based bottle brush, but I would love a Version 2.0 of this brush where the center metal rod is more stiff, but the fibers are more flexible and longer, so that it can not only fit in through the opening of a bottle, but actually get some nice scrubbing power on the walls of the bottle. It would even be helpful if two sizes were offered- there doesn't have to be one versatile size for bottles of all sizes.

Great product, irritating emails

First, the scrub brush handle and brush heads are great. I have been trying to find an environmentally friendly scrub brush solution for years. But all of the other options I tried fell apart far too quickly. Which brings me to the irritating emails; I like to use a product for a bit before I review it, but zerowasteoutlet has hounded me for a review of both the brush handle and the brush replacement heads. I'm finally writing a review because I have had the time to determine that the products really are good quality, but also because I hope they finally stop sending emails asking me to review the products!!

Sturdy brush

Overall I really like the dish brush. The handle is really solid and the bristles are stiff and clean well. The head of the brush spins and comes loose very easily which is a little frustrating. I have tried quite a few options looking for a plastic free dish brush though and this one is by far my favorite.

Works, surprisingly

Wasn't sure what to expect, but it works. Not as minty as normal stuff, and initial chewing is not great, works for what it is designed to achieve.