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Dual-Sided Eco-Sponge 2-Pack - Zero Waste Outlet
Dual-Sided Eco-Sponge 2-Pack - Zero Waste Outlet
Two-Sided Eco-Sponge 2-Pack - Zero Waste Outlet

Dual-Sided Eco-Sponge 2-Pack

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At ZWO, we try hard to be nice, but we specifically designed this two-sided sponge to destroy the toxic green/yellow sponge that has invaded millions of households. We can't hide our disgust for that sponge. It's full of microplastics that wash into the drain where it ends up in the rivers and septic tanks. This microplastic enters the ecosystem when tiny microorganisms eat it, and up the food chain it climbs, into almost every animal on the planet! Yuck! 

zero waste sponge compared to plastic green & yellow sponge

It's time for a new sponge made with natural materials that won't pollute the ground or the animals who live there. 

One side of this sponge is made out of cellulose, an all-natural wood product that has been used for sponges for hundreds of years, if not more. This is the side used for soaping up spills, wiping down counters, and cleaning dishes. 

The other side is coarse and made out of the sustainable loofah plant. This side is used for the hard scrubbing and hard-to-clean surfaces like pans and dried food. 


  • Approximately 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 1" Thick
  • Made From Natural, Compostable Materials
  • No Plastics
  • Two Different Textured Sides
  • Put in the microwave for 30 seconds to remove foul odors

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Bree N.

These are just what I've looked for. Work well

Alex H.
Should be everyone's Go-To kitchen sponge

I had been waiting to review some of my products from the Zero Waste Outlet because I was curious to see how they hold up over time and I can say now, almost a month after purchasing a bunch of these sponges, that they work just as good if not better than the old classic yellow and green non-eco-friendly sponges we had been using for years. I'm still using the same one I started with! When I purchased these I was looking for an eco-friendly alternative to my former kitchen sponges and these are the perfect match. They should be the norm for every household! Will definitely be buying again!

Peky P.
Wont go back to plastic sponges

I love the eco sponges. I am used to loofah sponges and having the dual action cellulose + loofah makes it a posh upgrade. It's not hard on surfaces but works great in removing grease and most food scraps. I will probably get the dish scrubber wand in future. Oh, did i mention these sponges look great on the counter top?

Penelope B.
eco sponge

I'm pretty happy with these! And I'll feel a lot happier when I have to toss it (if I can't stick it in the compost).
They feel really sturdy so I expect them to last and last and last.

has anyone tried to compost them? are they compostable?

Hey Penelope! Thanks for the question!

Yep, they are composable. We got a few cooking in the pile right now :)

Great product

I really like the dual sided eco sponge. It is a substantial sponge and absorbent. The loofa is doing a great job on scrubbing without too much abrasion. I have not been using it long, but so far I love it as well as the fact that it contains no plastics, micro or otherwise!

Meredith S.
Top notch sponges

We ordered dual scrub sponges for our kitchen and I'm pleasantly surprised with the quality. We are trying to reduce plastic waste where we can and these are a better alternative that are just as effective for scrubbing and wiping in the kitchen. Love the neutral color...doesn't look grimy or dirty after use either. My husband loves sponges (vs. kitchen cloths) so this is the perfect compromise for us. Better for the environment and still works really well. More of an investment but they hold up incredibly well and last much longer than traditional plastic sponges. Will definitely continue to order!

Ian M.
SpongeBob would be proud.

Best eco sponge I have ever purchased. Very durable and has held up well to high heat and tough mess. I may seriously only shop here for cleaning products for as long as this business keeps churning out these quality products.

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