Half Dome Dish Brush

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This all-natural dish brush is a great all-around tool to tackle a sink full of dishes quickly. 

With a sleek and ergonomic beechwood handle and a generous amount of long sisal bristles in a half-dome shape, it gets into the nooks and crannies of almost any dish.

Cups, bowls, plates, utensils, you name it, it cleans it!

This can also be used as a bathroom sink and bathtub cleaner after it is no longer useful in the kitchen. 

  • 10" long overall - 3" x 4" brush head
  • Beechwood Handle 
  • Sisal Bristles
  • Fast Drying 
  • Biodegradable - No Plastic


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Danielle O.
Best scrubber brush ever!

I bought one a while back and wasn’t sure if I would like it, but it’s the go-to of all the wooden dishwashing brushes we have. I just ordered 3 more. They last a long time and the shape is great for cleaning plates, cups, and pots/pans. 10/10 the only one I need.

Mark B.
Great brush

I ordered 2 of these since I have been searching for a non plastic dish brush for some time. These are GREAT. The shape and length are perfect, even for getting into wide mouth jars or water bottles. Cannot yet say how they will hold up under steady use, but for now I'm impressed. Agree with others who have commented on the "raw wood" handle, but I just rubbed them a couple of times with a mix of bees wax and mineral oil before use and that protects and helps shed the water. Finally, Brian at ZWO was terrific in his response, promptness, and overall service. Nice to get a package promptly with out excessive or plastic packaging. They really are Zero Waste! Also, they have many other great environmentally conscious products.

Scott H.

This is a well-designed all around dishwashing brush, with its extended bristle area and short handle.

Kelie B.

It’s a brush. It brushes my dishes well. Glad it has no plastic!

Emily C.
Great scrub brush

Works just like I want it to! Reaches into drink glasses, is easy to clean.

Kathy S.

Very useful.

Half dome great all around brush

The half dome is a great all-around dish brush that I could easily see transition to an all- purpose cleaning tool for other rooms in the house. I would like to have seen a picture of it from another angle so the half-dome term would've registered in my mind as just that - half dome, not all around like cotton candy on a stick. Still super happy with my purchase though!