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Great little brush!

My old paddle brush was dying the death of plastic fatigue, and I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it just to buy another hunk of plastic.
This brush has replaced the old one brilliantly - the bristles are gentle against my scalp, and they have decent grip for blow dryer days.

Enjoy the Smell - A bit heavy on fine hair

Conditions fine - I can get my comb through my wet hair post shower, but not an everyday conditioner for me. Works well for days I wear my hair pinned up, but not as great for down hair days. Can be a skosh heavy for fine and thinning hair.

Big Block of Clean

Liked the small block so much I bought the big one when it came back into stock. Does a lovely job cutting through grease and fits just fine in the bamboo soap dish that's recommended.

Bath and Kitchen Scrubber

I love my sisal soap bag for giving the feet a good scrub!
I picked up another for the kitchen, though. I had bought the small cake of the dish soap and liked it so much I bought the giant cake when it came into stock. I put what was left of my smaller cake into the sisal bag and use it to scrub dishes - pretty handy!

Perfect size

Simple, clean, easy to open, very sturdy and portable!

Perfectly marvelous

This soup not only does the job of cleaning your hands, but it smells unbelievably great!

Soap & Shave Bars
Patrick M.
My new favorite shave bar

As a cyclist I try and keep my legs clean so my massages and different lotions I apply are easy and not too messy. The Oakmoss and Amber is so perfect for making this task pleasant, easy, and smelling great!

Never going back

I've been looking for a zero waste toothpaste option with fluoride, and this one is perfect! It's the perfect amount of minty and leaves my teeth feeling clean. It doesn't foam like normal toothpaste, which takes some getting used to, but other than that it just feels like normal toothpaste. Big fan!

Dishwashing block

I use this block with a dish cloth and soap up the dishes similar to how I used to soap up my kids in the bath tub with a wash cloth. The dishes are very slippery when soapy, but the soap rinses off well and does a good job with oily pans.

Fresh Linen laundrey strips

These strips are so easy and mess-free, and clean my clothes well. The Fresh Linen scent makes the laundry room smell nice, but the scent on the clothes after washing is very faint. I would prefer if the scent was a bit more evident, but that is a minor issue.

good but inconsistent

this is the second time i’ve ordered this product and while i love the scent and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized, the first jar was a bit thin for my liking and the second jar was a bit thick.


love this strainer because the mesh is super fine and the lid doubles as a holder to put the strainer when you’ve finished brewing. the only drawback was the metal at the top gets hot while sitting in the tea.


high-quality and durable exactly what I needed Exceeded my expectations thank you

Best sponge ever!

Husband even claims it makes dishes cleaner

My kids love these!

So cute, and we love the colors

Love it!

This product is awesome!

Wanted so much to love

There are some serious positives about this product. So (SO) little waste. The cardboard box it came in was so wonderfully minimal. The soap dissolved easily and quickly. A clever tag so you can remember what it is you bought and when! No funny/artificial odors. But…it just doesn’t clean my clothes very well and I end up using a lot more than the recommended dosage just to get almost-clean.

Too flexible for power cleaning

I bought this as a possible toilet brush replacement—but as others have said— it’s just too flexible to get any power behind the scrub. So it’s turned out to be a no go. With a stronger core it would be terrific.

High quality

Great jar, perfect size, high quality. My only complaint is I would prefer if the branding was smaller or located on the bottom. Great for person use, but the large logo prevents me from wanting to purchase these for gifts or decorative use.


I love my tea strainer. Well made. Great size for mugs and also fits perfectly into a mason jar.

Pretty good

Love that it's not full of plastic -- but if you're looking for something that will scrub off more baked on/stuck on food you will also need a more heavy duty scrubber. Otherwise it's a good light duty sponge.

Great alternative

We've been really happy with this alternative to buying individual bottles of hand soap -- you just cut the bar into pieces and soak a piece in water (which will refill two average hand soap containers). I usually let the piece soak for a few hours for it to really dissolve, and the soap comes out nice and foamy. I just got the scented kind and can't yet comment on the scent, but the unscented were awesome.

Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. Smells great, and good for my skin!

Love it! Was worried the soap bar wouldn't cut through grease, yeah not a problem.

Fantastic product. Made well.