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Perfect size for the dish washing block

Great brush!

I'm enjoying my new vegetable brush. The handle fits comfortably in my hand and the bristles are perfect for a soft scrub of the vegetables.

Great cotton swabs

These cotton swabs were shipped super quick after I ordered! I love that they’re compostable and come in a cardboard canister. They’re a little less fluffy than Qtips, but not so much that it makes a difference in usage. Super solid!

Best ever

I have long thick hair and this is the absolute best hairbrush I have ever used in a lifetime of waist length hair! Buying one for my daughter’s similar tresses.


Literally so perfect for soap bars, I’m obsessed. Way better than others I’ve tried from the big box stores

Great dish brushes

I love these dish brushes - good quality products that hold up well, last a long time, and cleans everything without ruining my pans

Good foam, strong fragrance

As another reviewer noted, it takes a few pumps of liquidy soap before it foams up, but once it does, it is strong foam. I ordered the citrus ginger, and it is a strong scent. Pleasant and natural smelling, and no stronger than the average store-bought scent, but strong all the same. Worth noting if that is a concern for you.

Works well

I got the Petal pump with refills for foaming hand soap. I think I added a bit too much water but it still foams well. Takes a couple of runny squirts at first but then it foams nicely.

Nice brush

This is a great brush! Was concerned due to another review stating bristles were sharp. This was not a problem with the one I received. Feels great on the scalp, good for long or short hair. No static either. And eventually it’ll biodegrade, but not for a long time! Love it!

Tangie sudsie

Wonderful smelling shampoo bar. It lathers up so fast and has provides an amazing amount of suds.

Great multitasker

I have been using these loofahs for both dishes and body, and they work great for both! Rough enough to get food off the dishes but soft enough that they don't scratch or irritate my skin. I was anticipating having to "break them in" (thinking they'd be stiff at first), but that was not the case; they expanded and gave a good lather right away. I had previously been using wool sponges as my plastic alternative, but those did not work very well for my purposes. So I was glad to find these as a sustainable alternative to plastic sponges that work just as well! Also love how compactly they ship, since they're packaged in a "desiccated" state.

Great lilac scent

I've tried a couple of brands of laundry sheets and like these best. The perforation makes it easy to tear them. I also noticed they're made in Canada, not China, so less environmental impact from shipping.

Love these

So great to have environmentally friendly alternative.

Fun lids

These lids fit snugly and are fun to use. The little one is perfect for small cans of cat food.

Just what I need and more!

This company and product perfectly match my consumer values--sustainable material, eco-friendly, affordable, fast shipping, and high quality. Plus, I live on an organic farm so we're aligned in our lifestyle and care for the planet. Will definitely recommend this company to others!

Finally found a great boar hair nail brush!

Quality and eco friendly! This will do the trick! Reasonably priced with great communication(s). I recommend! Thank you sellers!

Great container, nice floss

This compostable floss works fairly well as long as you wait a bit after eating to use it (otherwise, it is more likely to break). The reusable container is great - sturdy and attractive. Will likely buy the refill sometime.

dish block soap- cleans really well!

I've tried many dish soaps which are environmentally friendly and this one is the best! cleans and lathers really well and love the 'soap block' idea -which is the most sustainable option as well! TY for your products!

Great for your teeth great for the world

These little tablets come in an ecofriendly pouch that is easy to fold up and bring with you while traveling. I appreciate one less liquid to carry with me in my luggage!

So Good!

Perfect, texture and scent are great.


Great product; easy to use; thoughtful packaging

This brush was a work horse during soup season in our house and it held up great. I would recommend these to everyone.

Both flavors are great

I absolutely love this toothpaste. My last order they were out of stock on the mint so we took a chance on the cinnamon and it has a nice mild flavor too.

Great Shampoo

This is my favorite shampoo of all the ones that I have tried. It foams up really nice and I have no problem getting the shampoo on my actually scalp.