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It's easy, leaves you feeling clean and is better for the planet. How can you say no to that?

Does what it’s suppose to do

Works well! Doesn’t tug on my thick hair and detangles it well. I love that it is zero waste and healthier for the ecosystem :)

Good for curls

Brings a nice gentle separation to curls, and they gave us replacement bristles in case any break, which I thought was sweet

Similar strength to conventional detergent

We use soap nuts for our day to day laundry needs. Our kitchen and cleaning towels (work towels) have become noticeably built up with oil and dirt so I was hoping these could cut through that. It didn’t unfortunately, however, the washer was free of that dirt ring that is usually left behind after washing the work towels so I still believe it is at least as powerful as conventional detergent

These are better than "normal" sponges!!

Love these. Been using them for a few months (arguably I shouldn't use a single sponge for that long.... but they hold up really well.)

I Like It!

It's been leaving my teeth feeling pretty clean 😊

Eco bamboo charcoal floss

I’m trying to like it, but it breaks in between my teeth easily or shreds leaving me to pull out slivers of it. So won’t reorder but will seek another brand so to reuse container.

Smells like Chai

I got the Patchouli + Cardamom one. It smells delicious, and feels great when shaving. A terrific addition to use with my new safety razor. My legs haven't felt this smooth in ages!

Great Shave

Easy to use and beautiful! I love not having to worry about all the trash shaving makes! I will shave a lot more often now!

Clean and Fresh

I love the smell, and it lathers really well to clean my long, fine hair. It also doesn't seem to dry out my scalp the way some other bar shampoos have in the past. I wish the smell stuck around a bit longer because it is really nice.

Effective and Good Packaging

I am impressed and satisfied with this product and am especially happy with the affordable price.

Not a powerful mint flavor

This is my first time using this kind of toothpaste so I'm not sure what the industry standard is, and perhaps I still have some adjusting to do! But I feel like I should be chewing 2 tablets rather than just 1 in order to get my teeth really clean, as other reviews have mentioned, these don't really foam. I also notice that the scent and taste are not very powerful, which is important for me in feeling like my mouth is truly clean. I really appreciate that it has fluoride and the ingredients list looks great, and I love that the pouch is not plastic. All in all I would buy these again until a better zero-plastic fluoridated option is available.

Surprisingly Easy!

I imagined it would be difficult to use, but it was actually a very simple adjustment. Previously had a big issue with feeling itchy after shaving (maybe it was the lubricating gel on most commercial razors), but I no longer have that problem. Easy to clean, closest shave I’ve gotten, and a lot more sustainable for the environment. In love!

Nice, but you have to really work to get a lather

It's an adjustment for me to get used to this new tool, but so far, so good! It's effective at removing gunk and fits into most of my dishes. My only complaint is that it can be hard to get a good grip on while cleaning the inside of a cup, and also, when used alongside the dishwashing block, you have to really scrub and dig in with the bristles to get enough soap to get a good lather.

Soft scrubbers

The coconut scrubbers work great on my copper pots and pans. Cleans great without scratches!

Lovely little thing

It's a lovely floss dispenser. Works well. Feels more substantial, probably longer lasting, than the glass kind.

Great housewarming present!

Bought these for a friend as a housewarming present and I think they're going to love them! What a great way to make zero waste fashionable and fun (:


I love these silicone lids! They fit perfectly on these ceramic measuring cups that I now can use to store small amounts of leftover veggies. My husband put the lids in the washer with kitchen towels and let them air dry =0
They are very resistant and I love the fact that we are reducing plastic use/waste!

Bamboo Mason Jar Drink Lid

I'm a big sharer but I don't love sharing every drink I have with my two cats. This lid has made it so much easier to keep my drinks to myself without having to buy any plastic cups with matching lids and straws or big clunky water bottles. I love drinking out of mason jars and I think this lid is also going to be extra handy this coming summer so I can keep bugs and debris out of my cup while being outside!

Shampoo holder

Nice shampoo / soap holder.

Tabs Work Great and No Plastic

These tooth tabs work well, especially since I have sensitive teeth and need the flouride. They are much better tasting than others I've tried. I like that they come wrapped in paper. An old Lush container works well for keeping them.

Eco Floss Is Great

I've been looking for a floss that fits between my teeth and no more plastic. This is perfect. It's thinner so it fits between my teeth. It has wax but not the thick coat that feels like I'm just moving around the stuff on my teeth. It's easy and I feel like my teeth are really clean. And it comes in a small glass bottle with a metal cap. Perfect!

Best way to brush ever

I love these tabs! They’re highly convenient, and way better for the planet. They take a minute to get used to as they don’t have foaming agents like traditional toothpaste, but still works perfectly. I actually dislike the foamy paste now, gets too bubbly for me.


Love this brush! And it looks beautiful in my kitchen :) I’m excited to have a separate brush for my veggies, as my cleaning brush was always gross (just a plastic one). Maybe someday I’ll get the matching set


As a dental technician I have seen some tragic results from people not caring for their teeth. These tablets are just the thing for quick effective brushing. Even if you want to brush at work you don’t need to bring along a tube. Just the thing for adding one of those traveling take apart toothbrushes. They work without that glob of
messy stuff. The paper container spills so I put them in a breath mint tin.