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The perfect dishcloth/sponge/wipey thing

My favorite for wiping up spills, wiping down counters, and anything else you might grab a paper towel, sponge, or dishcloth for. Durable and long-lasting. I send them through the dishwasher to clean them but I just read you can put them in the clothes washer so I think I'll give that a try! When they're beyond use I put them in the compost.

So important. NO plastic!

This floss does not polute the world as the plastics do, so I can floss my teeth in good conscience! Bravo!

Perfect, and then some

Works like a charm.

100% like regular shampoo 🤩

My hair was looking very dull and lifeless probably from a combination of life changes, going vegan for the animals and trying my best to be plastic free so I was using bar soap to wash my hair. I quickly learned it is not a good idea to use regular soap for your hair as the ph of the scalp is much more acidic than basic soap bars. Once I lathered the bar up in my wet hands and started massaging my hair and scalp i remembered what washing your hair properly with the right products feels like: smooth and easy rather than rubbery and fighting back. Literally one wash and my hair was so much more manageable and silky. Combine this with the bamboo brush and I was right out of a hair commercial. I had foolishly accepted that I was doomed to sad looking and feeling hair because of my vegan, plastic free lifestyle but I’m so thankful I found and tried this amazing vegan plastic free shampoo that showed me that didn’t have to be the case. I’m a customer for life. Before and after pics of my hair in similar hair do for comparison.

Cute and handy

An adorable handy version of the regular sized one, and still just as sturdy and reliable. I bought two: one to keep in my purse and one for my niece to use on her own hair and her dolls. These brushes in combination with the Upfront cosmetics shampoo and conditioner bars have returned sheen and health to my hair since going vegan and plastic free.

Wonderful product & Company

The vegan dish soap block is very effective at cutting grease & cleaning all dishes, including pots & pans. I especially like that it has no palm oil & is vegan! The company is perfect if you love our natural world. Go Zero Waste!

Lovely little brush

I purchased this brush to keep in my purse. It's a great quality brush that keeps the tangles at bay.

Konjac facial sponge

Love these sponges. Leaves facial skin smooth but not abraded at all. Saves on soap or cleanser too.

Exfoliating Soap Bag
Katharine L.

Loved this reusable addition to the shower. It's eco-friendly and is great at exfoliating!

I love this vegan floss!

I’m really pleased with this floss, and just reordered. I was using a different vegan floss in paper packaging, but the floss was nylon. This one I’m able to put in the compost pile with my veggie scraps. Also, the container is super cute!

Just what I needed!

I recently started drinking loose-leaf tea and this strainer makes the experience magical. It's easy to use and clean, It's perfect!

Super laundry product

This is the third time I've ordered several packages of the Tru Earth Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent. It is wonderful! It's easy to use. It gets my laundry clean. I don't have to lug a heavy container - and there's no plastic, which is good for our Earth! I've bought and given these to my young-adult son and daughter, too, and they appreciate the ease, light weight, eco-friendliness, and effectiveness of these eco-strips for the laundry. I always get the fragrance-free ones because I try not to put too much fragrance into the air. Highly recommended! By the way, it's easy to use one strip for most laundries and to tear a strip in half if you need less for a tiny load or a little extra (1 1/2 strips) for a huge load or one that needs a little extra cleaning.

Smooth as butter

Love the subtle scent and smooth application of this lip balm. :-)

Small Square Bamboo Soap Dish

Its well made and small and fits perfect in my bathroom. I use it for my new shampoo bar and I just ordered another one to hold the conditioner.

All-Natural deodorant that works!

I purchased 2, the eucalyptus & mint and the Lavender & lemongrass. Both deodorants smell great! I've been using the eucalyptus one for a few months now. It does control odor all day but it will not stop you from sweating. The deodorant won't wear off even if you sweat, go to the beach, pool, exercise, etc. Don't need to apply a lot to have protection which means they're going to last a while.
When using this deodorant its important to moisturize your armpits, I have sensitive skin and this can be a little harsh. In my case, I use it after my morning shower and apply moisturizer before bed (after shower).
I have sensitivities to artificial chemicals and fragrances and have had no problems with this.


This lip balm is amazing! My lips feel soft and moisturized. I'm sensitive to artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals but with this...no problems. I've bee using it for a few months now without an allergic reaction. Will definitely purchase again.

Great floss and durable container

This floss has a great texture that really gets between your teeth and removes build-up. I previously had a glass container for my dental lace that broke, so I love this steel option that's going to last much longer. Love the design, too.

Best Konjac Sponge at Unbeatable Price

I have used Konjac sponges from a variety of companies and love how they make my skin feel. Happy to have found them on the Zero Waste site. Ordered extras for friends and plan to use this site for more sustainable products in the near future.


These produce bag savers are nice. However, they really shrink die to being 100% cotton. Happens even when going by washing instructions.

Love this hand soap

Love! So excited to find this foaming hand soup concentrate! It will save money. I added my own essential oils and purchased unscented.

Wonderful produce bags

These are wonderful and eliminates the use of plastic produce bag at grocery store

Love it

I don't know why I waited so long to try these out -- they work great, and I sure don't miss dealing with the messy, wasteful plastic bottles. I haven't tried the scented ones, but the unscented work great, I am an instant convert.

Quality Conditioner

I love the way this conditioner made my wavy hair feel. The scent is not my favorite and it stayed in my hair for days after washing. All the bars I've tried from the Upfront brand have been really good quality. The hydrating hemp is not the one for me purely because of the scent, but if you like patchouli and want a conditioner with more hydration I would recommend giving this a try.

Makes a Great Co-wash

I have wavy and dry hair. It's fine, but I have lots of it, with lower than normal oil production. I usually use a co-wash and was looking for a very gentle shampoo. I tried using the invigorating conditioner bar as a co-wash, washing twice like normal. My hair looked great after it dried - clean and moisturized. I was worried that the roots might look greasy, but that wasn't a problem at all. I'm very, very happy with the results!

They cleanse.

These tooth tabs are effective. Glad they have fluoride and have little packaging :)