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Super plastic-free products

This was a great way to get acquainted with a range of plastic-free, dish-washing alternatives. (I'm sold on bar dish soap btw, works great.) I am a fan of these loofah sponges (lasted surprisingly long, loop is handy to hang dry, like other natural sponges, not *quite* as effective at scouring but it's fine) and the lil scouring brush guy. I've used the bottle brush mostly to scrub coffee thermoses, but haven't even used the handled brush since everything else is getting the job done, and I turn to the sponge the most. Overall, a happy purchase.

Cute and get the job done

I purchased one for my coconut scouring brush for the kitchen and one for my shampoo bar. The shampoo bar sticks a bit but that's because it dries out completely between uses, which is the goal.

Quality konjac, great price

About a year ago, I got hooked on konjac sponges as a gentle exfoliant to wash my face, and this one's a great option. Quick to get squishy again under the water, and after six weeks of almost daily use, it smells fresh with no signs of mildew (be sure to hang dry to increase longevity). Love that they're plastic-free and compostable, and compared to what other companies charge, this is an excellent value.

Solid plastic-free option

First time trying these guys was impressed with how long it lasted without deteriorating. Like other natural (plastic-free) sponges I've tried, it's not quite as effective for scouring, but paired with a coconut fiber scouring brush, they get most jobs done just fine with the bar dish soap I also tried. The little loop is handy to hang dry.

Rich lather, clean hair and scalp

I've tried a few bar shampoos, and this is one of the best. Creates a super rich lather with very little effort and leaves my oily hair nice and clean. Plenty of product left after six weeks of use. As noted, scent is nice, too. Will likely repurchase.

Loved by my 2yr old

He is so excited to use his rainbow toothbrush! This is great!

Works as desired

I wanted something to help clean a small coffee thermos. This works pretty well

Everything Positive is True!

I found this zero waste deodorant cube AND NEVER LOOKED BACK! Once you learn how to handle it, it is the perfect natural deodorant. Works well, smells lovely, feels great on your skin.

First time user

Purchased fresh linen laundry sheets. We have hard water but they suds up nicely. Laundry is clean and smells lovely. Thumbs up!

Love this

Works a treat in all respects.

First Time User

I haven't used these before and didn't know what to expect. I love them! Easy to use, no plastic. A+

Shockingly sudsy

I know suds aren't what make something able to clean but it's still satisfying to have suds. Feel great about no longer needing to buy other types of dish soap. Very happy with purchase

Love love love!

Why I didn't have this so long ago. It's no scent so I can wash the silicone products! And wash veggies, and no harmful for my hands! I used to have gloves to wash dishes otherwise my hand gets rough.
I felt it was a bit pricy. Well see how many months I can use it.

This has been about 2 weeks…

Love it!

I never had this kind of massage brush. Good for my head skin!

Love it!

My child has very sensitive dry skin and this soap works great for him! Will be buying more!

nice toothbrush

I got one of these for my husband (he's not using his yet because it looks too nice :))
I like mine very much. Perfect bristle texture, flat surface so it will hold the toothpaste once loaded if you need to lay it down, and non-slip texture handle.

Doesn't slip like regular floss

I love how it feels and that it's refillable. I used to feel terrible throwing away waxy plastic floss. Love that this will biodegrade.

Love it!

Can't believe how well it lathers up. Makes my hair feel great. Live this shampoo and want to try the conditioner too!

Reducing Single Use Plastics

These lids are just what i have been looking for. I have stoped using plastic food wrap and was looking for an alternative that works. These lids do the trick. Plus, I love that there is a place where I can order things I need that also cares deeply about packaging waste. Everything I have ordered at Zero Waste Outlet has come without plastic and in the smallest possible packaging as they promise- all of it has been recyclable or compostable paper: perfect. I am especially fond of the reusable dental floss container and the charcoal floss refill that I got.


Thank you for making such great quality environmentally safe home products. We love absolutely everything bought & we’ll return for more. Highly recommend:)

Great Product

Exactly what I wanted; delivered promptly; love the company’s story.

Great product

Use it all the time. Dries well too

Less Messy Than Regular Toothpaste

After using two other brands of toothpaste bits, I gave unPaste by Zero-waste a try. I ordered the fluoride tooth tabs in mint and have been using them for a few days now. The toothpaste bits are easy to use and way less messy than regular toothpaste. The price point for the tooth tabs by Zero-waste is more affordable than other brands I tried this year. Also, I like that there is no auto-subscribe associated with ordering.

Feels Great

The Lavender Earl Grey Lip Butter really works to hydrate my lips and it feel so good on!

Glycerin Free Euphoria

I have sensitivities to products with glycerin as they tend to cause my scalp and skin to itch. This shampoo bar is free of this ingredient. It took a bit to get used to using the bar versus liquid shampoo, but the results are great. I highly recommend giving it a try. A plus, there is no plastic bottle to recycle.