Biodegradable Cotton Swabs 200 pk

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Every year millions, if not billions, of single-use plastic swabs end up in the landfill. It is one of the most ridiculous plastic pollutants out there!

For over a hundred years, swabs were made from natural wood and cotton. In today's world, it is more common to see the plastic version in the bathroom, and they are not recyclable! 

These cotton swab sticks are made from bamboo, and the soft tips are made from soft cotton. Both are biodegradable and will remove dirt and makeup from the hard-to-get areas around your eyes and ears. 

These are similar in size to regular cotton swabs, but of course, these are 100% plastic-free, sustainable, and don't come in plastic packaging.  

Each box contains 200 swabs and comes in a sturdy and attractive recycled kraft paper container. After you finish using all the swabs, you can use this container again. It's great for carrying small personal items while traveling!

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Excellent product!

Inch by inch moving away from plastic!

I’m always looking for ways to stop using plastics and so here I was able to use these compostable cotton swabs with a small sigh of relief. In addition I really appreciate the quality of these cotton swabs, thank you Zero Waste!!

the best!

after a lifetime of using the popular mainstream brand of cotton swabs i found these and i am hooked.i buy them in bulk. totally satisfied. thank you!

Frances M.
cotton ear swabs

I've tried many brands of cotton swabs and these are my favorite. My family likes them too so I always buy extra to share.

Great cardboard container

The cotton is tightly wound so it doesn't fray apart and the container and appearance are excellent. Great that the sticks are made of bamboo, for environmental sustainability.


An amazing reality to be able to purchase natural materials or items of usefulness and feel comfortable knowing the decomposition of such doesn’t add to the burden of our planet that was created to be inhabited and to be a blessing… with beauty and to bring serenity to the human soul

Katharina L.

Great product and service. Fast delivery. Thank you!