Coconut Donut Scourer Pad

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This heavy-duty scrub pad is biodegradable and tough. It is also the perfect replacement for the common plastic-based scrub pad!

Made with coconut coir, this scrub pad won't scratch your dishes, but the medium-hard bristles will tear apart stuck-on food quickly and easily.

They dry quickly and are easy to clean when food gets in the bristles due to the texture and spacing of the coconut coir material. 

Scour pad is approximately 3.5" in diameter, the perfect size to fit in your palm!

Each pad will last several months of regular use. Coconut coir is wrapped on a metal wireframe. To dispose of, remove the coir to compost and recycle the wire. 

These work great with the Dish Washing Block and Moso Bamboo Soap Dish!

Customer Reviews

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Love 'em!

I use this every day, effective and non-scratching. Lasts a long time and is easy to clean up. Love 'em!

Agnes L.
BEST scrubber!

This scrubber is similar to a Japanese type.....but this is better and more reasonably priced! I really like the rustic, clean styling that doesn't get smooshed and yicky after use. It dries well and scrubs like magic without scratching surfaces. I'm so glad I found this scrubber. Will be go to forever onwards!

easy to use and effective

I like the way it fits in my hand and works well scrubbing pots and pans

Marilyn H.
Better than other scrubbers!

These palm fiber scrubbers never scratch, and yet they out perform other scrubbers. They make the food debris easily wash away with little effort.

Lorraine S.
Love- from Hulk Lady

I haven't used the coconut scrub yet as my tough stains were released by the pot brush quite nicely. However, we shall see what the future holds after Thanksgiving because I certainly foresee a need in the future.

Victoria T.
Eco friendly scrub pads

The aren't as flexible as the plastic ones, but I know that once they're gone, they won't add to the amount of plastic waste in the land fill and in our water system.

Reighn L.
Best scrubbies!

I use these for my hard to clean dishes (looking at you rice pan) a separate one for cleaning my chickens waters and feeders (poop central). Works great for both purposes! I love that when I’m done with it, it’ll bio-degrade and I don’t have to feel guilty about any microplastic pollution.