Cotton Wash Towel

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We all know plastic loofahs and kitchen sponges create a TON of waste-- obviously.

That’s why this 100% biodegradable natural cotton wash towel is the perfect plant-based alternative that will help make your day efficient and waste-free.

This towel can be used in the shower or the kitchen sink as a washrag. You’ll love the texture and durability of this ZW towel! 


  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • 100% Plastic Free
  • Handy Loop to Hang Wash Towel For Drying So Bacteria Won’t Grow.
  • 10” x 9.5”


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Well made, Leaves my skin soft

Love this! I got it as a replacement for another scrub sponge I had and this did the trick! It dries very quick as well so I'm not worried about a ton of bacteria growth happening!

Great washrag!

This is a fantastic washrag! While I prefer using the soap saver I got from ZWO, this is a close second. This has become my travel wash cloth.

Lindsay G.
Best ever!!

Heavenly. Divine. My favorite. I purchased a bunch to give to friends and family because I love it so much

So satisfying

I've simply never had a more satisfying feeling wash cloth. This one absolutely nails it. Was a little rough at first, but after a couple uses, the stiffness settled down, and it is perfect. Also LOVE the little hanging ring. PERFECT WASHCLOTH!

Carla U.

Works great!

Perfect for kitchen

These work great so far in my kitchen.

Alex H.
Fit perfectly in my skincare routine

I needed to replace my old face washcloths because they were shedding particles everywhere on my face so I would kinda have to wash my face twice so I got these as a replacement in my skincare routine. I did look elsewhere first but was pleasantly surprised to find just what I was looking for here at the Zero Waste Outlet. I'm sorry I doubted you. These have been perfect! They were a little rough at first although after a few runs through the wash they have softened up and become less stiff. I love the little loop on them to hang them up to dry and they're just the right size too.