Dual-Sided Eco-Sponge 2-Pack

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At ZWO, we try hard to be nice, but we specifically designed this two-sided sponge to destroy the toxic green/yellow sponge that has invaded millions of households. We can't hide our disgust for that sponge. It's full of microplastics that wash into the drain where it ends up in the rivers and septic tanks. This microplastic enters the ecosystem when tiny microorganisms eat it, and up the food chain it climbs, into almost every animal on the planet! Yuck! 

zero waste sponge compared to plastic green & yellow sponge

It's time for a new sponge made with natural materials that won't pollute the ground or the animals who live there. 

One side of this sponge is made out of cellulose, an all-natural wood product that has been used for sponges for hundreds of years, if not more. This is the side used for soaping up spills, wiping down counters, and cleaning dishes. 

The other side is coarse and made out of the sustainable loofah plant. This side is used for the hard scrubbing and hard-to-clean surfaces like pans and dried food. 


  • Approximately 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 1" Thick
  • Made From Natural, Compostable Materials
  • No Plastics
  • Two Different Textured Sides
  • Put in the microwave for 30 seconds to remove foul odors

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Venus T.
Great sponges

They don't get moldy or stinky like the regular ones and they last a long time.

only buying loofa sponges from now on

I've used these for about a month now and they look/work just like the 1st time I used them. I tried the walnut scubbers from full circle and wasn't happy with the effectiveness or quality. These are far better than those and are (in my opinion) much cuter

Catherine C.
Great product

Tried these sponges for the first time! Using for about a week- holding up well! I plan on using for a good long while. Price is right so I will feel good about reordering. Appreciated the small amount of packaging!

Philip O.
The sponge works very well and last quite a long time. I am very pleased.

The sponge works very well and lasts quite a long time. I am very pleased.

Emily D.
Better than Disposable Sponges!!

These eco sponges work better than disposable ones, and since they're not made of plastic and I believe they're biodegradable they're more environmentally friendly. I got mine to use in addition to the vegan dish block and soap tray.

Kate A.
Best sponge

Had a worry it wouldn't hold the water and soap as well as others but here I am really writing a review about a sponge

Mikayla M.

These are the best combo of the natural, scrubby loofa type sponge and the soft side for wiping. We will 100% order again!