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Eco Floss Refill Spool VEGAN - Bamboo - Zero Waste Outlet

Eco Floss Refill Spool VEGAN - Bamboo

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Replacement spools for Eco Bamboo-Charcoal Floss Jar. DOES NOT INCLUDE THE GLASS JAR. 

Each spool has over 98 feet of Candelilla wax-coated bamboo-charcoal fiber floss with peppermint essential oil for flavoring. 

100% biodegradable. Compost or bury in the ground to return the product to the Earth.  

Customer Reviews

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Easy to Use Refill

After running out of the carcinogenic floss packaged in all of the plastic that we've used for years, my husband finally joined me in switching to Eco Bamboo-Charcoal Floss. He likes it! This is notable because he's pretty picky about floss. The little glass jar looks delightful and it's so easy to drop in one of these refills. The floss works perfectly. It doesn't break under the strain of my tight (and maybe sharp) teeth. This is a really easy zero waste swap.

Great product - why so small?

Having a larger spool will decrease waste.
Have small ones so people can try then 1000 meters if people like it.
I’m using your site to go to zero waste not just feel like I’m doing a good deed. The shipping and packaging to get 30m isn’t truly a zero waste vision.

Love this

Floss is like the only vegan floss that doesn’t break between your teeth!

Bamboo Eco Floss

This dental floss is as durable as regular floss. It may clean better with its texture. If you are accustomed to the slippery flosses, you'll have some adjusting to do. I consider this worth it when I think about how I'm not tossing plastic containers and potentially hazardous filaments of floss into the environment.

Another great alternative

This is another great alternative to wasteful floss containers and floss containing plastics. Thanks Zero Waste Outlet!

Happy with this floss!

I was a little nervous with reviews talking about it breaking easily, but that hasn't been my experience. Love the floss, the minimal and sustainable packaging. Recommended!

This dental floss is great!

I love everything about this floss. It works great, at least as well as any plastic-infested product I've ever used. The plastic packaging used for regular dental floss and its non-compostable trashiness has bothered me for years, and I am finally guilt-free. It's a great product and I hope to continue using it into infinity.

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