Eco Floss Refill Spool VEGAN - Bamboo

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Replacement spools for Eco Bamboo-Charcoal Floss Jar. DOES NOT INCLUDE THE GLASS JAR. 

Each spool has over 98 feet of Candelilla wax-coated bamboo-charcoal fiber floss with peppermint essential oil for flavoring. 

100% biodegradable. Compost or bury in the ground to return the product to the Earth.

Complete Your Zero Waste Oral Hygiene Set


Customer Reviews

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Cara L.
I love this stuff

This floss is less slippery than the plastic kind. That makes it easier to hold onto, and it does a more thorough job of cleaning between my teeth. I ran out a bit ago and had to use the plastic kind for a few days, and I really missed the good stuff.

Jillian H.
Great way to reduce waste & keep healthy

Love this floss - there is no reason to buy floss in plastic when you have options like this! Keeps my teeth clean and gums healthy, I don't see any difference between this and conventional floss. Except that this is better for the planet. :)

Frederick V.
Best Floss Ever

Will buy again.

Jessica T.
Works great!

This floss glides like it should and doesn't break like some other brands do. I found my floss!

Returning customer

I have used this charcoal dental floss for a few years and it is the best. I love that it is plastic free and it does the job just like any other plastic floss product. I love that the waste is so much more minimal compared to the plastic floss products. I have converted my husband to using it too.

Claire A.

I’d learned that regular floss was made of plastic and then went searching for bamboo floss and was happy to find not only floss, but refillable containers. I’m on my second batch of refills.

Seiyoung L.
Perfect floss!

I'm over the moon with this bamboo floss! I've tried other alternatives that are just too thin and don't feel as effective. When I made the switch to eco friendly floss, this was exactly what I needed. It's worth every penny!