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Foaming Hand Soap Refills - Makes 1 Gallon - Zero Waste Outlet
Foaming Hand Soap Refills - Zero Waste Outlet
Foaming Hand Soap Refills - Zero Waste Outlet
Foaming Hand Soap Refills - Makes 1 Gallon - Zero Waste Outlet
Foaming Hand Soap Refills - Makes 1 Gallon - Zero Waste Outlet
Foaming Hand Soap Refills - Makes 1 Gallon - Zero Waste Outlet

Foaming Hand Soap Refills - Makes 1 Gallon

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Finally, a zero-waste option to the foaming hand soap we all love! Zero Waste Outlet is proud to now carry foaming hand soap refills! Yes, you read that correctly, no more buying plastic soap bottles! Now there is a practical option that provides a zero waste solution for foaming hand soap. So you don’t have to buy another plastic bottle of soap ever again! 

Every year millions of plastic soap bottles end up in the landfill or our waterways where they can cause problems of hundreds of years, slowly breaking down into smaller pieces of microplastic that compounds the problem. Even if all these soap bottles are recycled, the different types of plastic in the dispenser and the spring make them hard to recycle and are more likely to end up in the landfill.

This amazing soap concentrate is specifically designed to be used in any foaming hand soap dispenser, it's plastic-free and made using natural ingredients. It's also safe and effective for all skin types and makes one gallon of hand soap per bar.

You can reuse the foaming dispenser you already own!

It’s easy to use. Just cut this soft soap with a butter knife into smaller cubes and dissolve in water to the dilution you like. You can also add 5-10 drops of essential oils to make your own natural scent that smells any way you want. 

Available in Unscented, Citrus, and Lavender

  • Made With Safe and Natural Ingredients
  • 3.5 oz Bar Makes 1 Gallon of Soap
  • Small and Concentrated Formula
  • Easy to Use Easy To Cut With Butter Knife
  • Use Your Own Dispenser
  • Dissolves Easily in Water
  • Can Be Used with Your Choice of Essential Oils
  • Cost Comparable with 1 Gallon of Liquid Soap (see for yourself)
  • Less Weight and Shipping Resources
  • More Space for Storage
  • Handmade In The Made in the USA

Note: The Unscented soap is not completely free of smell as the ingredients themself do smell, however, there is no fragrance added. 

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, olive oil pomace, jojoba oil, almond oil, glycerin, aloe vera, rosemary oleoresin & LOVE!


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Caitlin M.
Soaps ok

I don’t know if I mixed it right but I felt I could not get a good lather. Smell is great and will try to see if adding more soap makes the lather better going forward.

Foaming Hand Soap

I really like my hand soap! The lavender scent is really nice. The soap is easy to cut. I purchased a foaming pump just for this and am happy I did.

Shantal R.
Great product

We love the smell, makes nice foam.

Great alternative to Blueland!

I love the Blueland tablets for my foaming soap dispenser but I was getting down about the fact that the wrappers they come in have to be composed at a composting facility vs backyard composting and I don’t have access to a facility. This soap works just as well! I am going to try cutting it into 6th rather than 8th to get more of a foam, but loving it so far and last long!

Lisa G.
Love it!

I was looking for a good soap refill for my foam dispenser. This product is great! I had tried a refill from a different company but this soap is much better.

Not the feel I'm used to

I really love the idea behind this soap, but I have trouble getting it to foam at all (with a foaming dispenser). Occasionally swirling or shaking the bottle helps and maybe I'm just stuck on needing more bubbles but it doesn't feel as clean to me. I'm going to try making it with a bit less water next time, I added a little Dr. Bronners to my current bottle and it at least smells great.

McKenzie R.
Love the scent, need to use a foaming bottle

Used a non-foaming bottle and it was so watery, luckily switched to one that used to have foam soap and it works perfectly. Love shipping concentrated blocks instead of mostly water.

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