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Long Bottle Brush - Wood/Coconut Fibers - Zero Waste Outlet
Long Bottle Brush - Wood/Coconut Fibers - Zero Waste Outlet
Long Bottle Brush - Wood/Coconut Fibers - Zero Waste Outlet
Long Bottle Brush - Wood/Coconut Fibers - Zero Waste Outlet

Long Bottle Brush - Wood/Coconut Fibers

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Need to get into a tight spot to clean? This is the zero waste tool for that job. The bristles are made from coconut husks that are strong and long-lasting and the handle is wood. 

Great for tall bottles, baby bottles, coffee pots, and even toilets. If you need it scrubbed and it is long and narrow, this will do the trick!.

This will last from 6 months with heavy use and several years with limited use. We suggest once it is no longer useful in the kitchen, demote it to cleaning toilets and other areas you don't want to share your kitchen brush with.  

  • 11.5" Long With a Bent 2" Tip
  • Flexible and Bendable
  • Naturally Microbial. Hang To Dry
  • Cotton Loop On Handle


Tips: Hang to dry every time you are done using it to air dry. Never leave it submerged in water for too long as the wood can swell and crack. If you do need to clean it, use some vinegar and water and soak the bristles in for a few minutes then rinse.  

Customer Reviews

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Good quality

I wish the handle was a bit longer so that it would actually reach the bottom of my water bottles. Also, the tip is too wide to fit my bottle. However, It does clean my reusable silicone bags pretty well, so there's that.

Bends too much

I'm disappointed that the wire bends so much. I apply any pressure to my scrubbing and it bends away. Wanted to use this to clean out coffee dispenser but doesn't let me scrub the sides. Even in the most obvious application of cleaning my travel coffee mugs, it just bends and doesn't apply much scrubbing pressure to the sides. The bristles are great and I wish it were more usable!

too wide for my bottle

I got this to clean my Flaska but unfortunately it doesn’t fit inside. Would probably work well for a wider mouth.

bottle brush

I wanted to love this brush, and its got some good aspects, like the fibers used for scrubbing. But the base of the brush is too bendy and so you don't feel like you get any real scrubbing traction. If the manufacturers could tweak the metal wiring to be more sturdy, then I would be super satisfied and would purchase again.

This is so great!

Perfect for my Kleen Kanteens...water bottles (small mouth...gotta put it in at an angle) and insulated coffee thermos. It removed most of the stains that my other stupid plastic one did not. A must have for any kitchen, IMO. 😉


Works beautifully!

Good Bottle Brush

Arrived quickly and the eco packaging was very much appreciated and protected my order. I will be composting all the packaging in my compost pile. Brush works well and, with some elbow grease, was able to get the coffee stains out of my stainless steel mug. Works perfect for everyday bottle cleaning.

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