Coconut Bottle Brush 11.5"

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Need to get into a tight spot to clean? This is the zero waste tool for that job. The bristles are made from coconut husks that are strong and long-lasting and the handle is wood.

Great for tall bottles, baby bottles, coffee pots, and even toilets. If you need it scrubbed and it is long and narrow, this will do the trick!.

This will last from 6 months with heavy use and several years with limited use. We suggest once it is no longer useful in the kitchen, demote it to cleaning toilets and other areas you don't want to share your kitchen brush with.  

  • 11.5" Long With a Bent 2" Tip
  • Flexible and Bendable
  • Naturally Microbial. Hang To Dry
  • Cotton Loop On Handle


Tips: Hang to dry every time you are done using it to air dry. Never leave it submerged in water for too long as the wood can swell and crack. If you do need to clean it, use some vinegar and water and soak the bristles in for a few minutes then rinse. 

Note: This DOES NOT FIT INSIDE wine bottles or baby bottles. 


Need a shorter brush? Check out the smaller cup brush here

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Patricia S.
Coconut bottle brush

Perfect for the job. Cleaning tall water bottles.

Love it

Definitely does its job, cleans up my hydro flasks thoroughly!

Lindsey C.

Very nice for our larger water bottles! Only downfall is that some of our water bottle tops have smaller openings and the 2 inch top doesn’t fit down into them.

Hannah M.
FINALLY a good way to clean my bottles

I've been looking for a way to clean out my reusable bottles - until now I've just added soap and shaken them up, hoping that was enough. Having this brush option puts my mind at ease that my bottles are being FULLY cleaned/sanitized. Easy to adjust too! Gets in all the crevices perfectly.

Hillary L.
Wonderful Brush!

This brush is comfortable to use, scrubs GREAT, and is very nice quality. Not only that, but the note in the package was very sweet. I will definitely be telling my friends, family, and co-workers about you guys. Will purchase again in the future as well. Thank you. ❤️

Perfect, and then some

Works like a charm.

Carla U.
Great for cleaning

Great for the lavatory. Scrubs the rim better than other brushes I’ve used and bends as well.