Not Paper Towels - Reusable Kitchen Towels

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Color Warm Earth Tones

Introducing Not Paper Towels—the affordable and reusable towels made to fit perfectly on a paper towel tube.

Use them just like the paper towels you're used to, but then simply toss them in the wash with your other towels. Not Paper Towels add a fun and colorful touch to your kitchen, all while helping you reduce your carbon footprint!

Great for use as napkins for dinner, cleaning up the counter, and any other use where a paper towel is used. 

After washing, simply lay flat and roll up onto a cardboard tube, or fold and stack in a colorful pile. 

  • There are 12 towels in each pack.
  • Each towel is approximately 12" x 10"
  • Made from 100% cotton flannel material
  • Machine Washable 
  • Lasts for years!

Customer Reviews

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Very good clean up!

I won't use these like paper towels being I only use paper towels for cleaning up urine and BM (I do animal rescue). I just received these but I've already been using one as a rag and I really, really like how well they pick up the crumbs and whatnot on the counters. They rinse super well and they dry quicker than a traditional rag, too.