Long Handle Pot Brush Replacement Head

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Material Regular Duty
Size Single

This is the replacement head for the Long Handle Pot Brush

To replace the head, slide down the metal crimp near the head to loosen the two wires holding the head, then gently twist the old head out of the wire holder. Insert the new head and push up the metal crimp to tighten wires holding the head.

This is for ONE replacement head. Handle not included. 

Choose either sisal bristles for a medium coarseness, or palm bristles for coarser scrubbing action. 

 How to Replace the Brush Heads Without any Tools!


How-To Replace the Head with a Pair of Pliers


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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Heavy duty!

I love the thickness of the heavy duty brush for my cast iron pans. The bristles hold up well.

Benni M.
Good product

Works as expected. Lasts a long time

Forrest D.
Tried both Regular and Heavy Duty

I am really glad I bought both the regular and heavy duty replacements, in fact my only regret is that I didn't buy an extra handle. But I wanted to give it a try and I am very pleased. The heavy duty is just that, noticeably stiffer bristles, great for pots and pans, nut sure how they would treat non-stick surfaces which is where the standard bristles are so nice to have, and the price is well worth it. No more guilt from tossing a plastic brush after a few months of use.

Thomas A.

Great products that you can feel good about purchasing. We need more companies like this one.

Tracy R.
It's a must have

I love how easy it is to use and all the functions it can do. Thank you!!!

Sarah J.
Great replacement dish brush head!

This brush head fit perfectly into the handle and the bristles are a good stiffness for cleaning dishes. It's worked perfectly so far!

Just what I was after.

Fits nice and snug in the the long handle we bought from a different brand - the logo has since worn away so I can't tell you what brand the handle is. The bristles are a nice, medium stiffness, soft enough for every day dish washing but still effective for pot scrubbing.