Small Square Bamboo Soap Dish

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This small and unique bamboo soap dish is perfect for small spaces like the bathroom or a shower shelf. This durable guy fits the smaller soap bars like the Shave Soap Bars, Shampoo Bars, Conditioner Bars, and Deodorant Bars.

This is also a good place for a Konjac Sponge to dry on. 

Bamboo is a great choice for a soap dish as it is strong and water-resistant. Use a palm brush to clean out the groves every once in a while to keep it looking great. You can also use vinegar to clean if you have hard water. 

This is also available as a Round Soap Dish


  • Sustainable Bamboo
  • 3.25"x3.25" 
  • 3 Slats for Fast Drainage
  • Naturally Antimicrobial 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Perfect size to hold my Konjac sponge. No plastic; eventually it’ll biodegrade.

Saba M.
Small Square Bamboo Soap Dish

Its well made and small and fits perfect in my bathroom. I use it for my new shampoo bar and I just ordered another one to hold the conditioner.

George M.
Small Square Bamboo Soap Dish

Perfect the deodorant block!

Margaret K.

very cute and well made

Philip O.
war against plastic

I simply love this company. The owners are really nice and every thing gets here with out a hitch. I can not recommend this company highly enough. Any body who is the least bit environmentally conscious should Know this sight and tell the world! Great job guys!

David H.
it is what it says it is

it's small, subtle, but nice looking. And damn can it hold a bar of soap. A+

Glad I bought this

I bought the bamboo dish to go with a conditioner bar. I'm glad I got it and it fits their bar products perfectly. Now I'd like to see stacked versions of this product so I can put 2 or 3 products on top of each other and take less horizontal space in the shower.