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Underarm Detox Bar - Activated Charcoal

Underarm Detox Bar - Activated Charcoal

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If you have been using antiperspirant deodorant and are switching to a zero-waste deodorant, this is the bar you need to clean out your pores that have been unable to do so naturally. 

This bar is not deodorant, but a detox bar that is designed to be used with the No-Tox Deodorant Bar to get your body back to its natural functions of releasing toxins through your underarm pores. 

Without using this detox bar, switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant will not have the best results as your body will release these toxins rapidly once the antiperspirant is no longer present, resulting in excessive underarm odor.

This bar is used for the first few weeks and applied to your underarm before applying the No-Tox Deodorant. Simply wet this detox bar and then lather your underarm and wait a minute before applying deodorant. After a few weeks, you will no longer need to use this detox bar and you can simply use the deodorant alone. 

You may want to apply your natural deodorant more than once per day during the first few weeks until the detoxing is finished. After the detox period, the deodorant should last all day without the need to reapply.


  • .9 oz
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Palm-Free
  • Detergent-Free
  • Gently Exfoliates
  • Vegan


Ingredients: Sodium shea butterate, sodium cocoate, sodium castorate, loofah, clay, activated charcoal

Customer Reviews

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A definite need

When switching to a natural deodorant this is definitely needed to not smell. Works how it’s supposed to.


I purchased this for my boyfriend who has had a horrible time switching to natural deodorant from the toxic stuff because, at the end of the day, he'd smell! He's been using this for a week. He said you need to hold it in your pit before getting aggressive with it to let it warm up or else it wants to crumble. This far in, he has been using this with a natural deodorant and he doesn't stink!

Great Product!

I love this!! I bought it for my sister and myself we’ve both had great success with it. It’s a game changer!

Life Saver!

I bought this product to start my journey with natural deodorant! It was a complete game changer! I have read several stories in which people do not stick with natural deodorant because they start smelling bad. This little bar will change any of those opinions. I smell fantastic all day!

Pleasant Surprise

This was a last minute add to my order and I'm so happy that I did! I had recently purchased an all natural deodorant but was having trouble with its effectiveness, applying at least twice and sometimes 3 times a day. I stumbled upon this detox bar while browsing zero waste and after reading the reviews realized this could help with my deodorant issue and it DID! Yes it is a small little bar but you don't much at all. I used the detox bar in the AM before getting dressed, washed it out after a minute or so and applied my natural stick. Literally in just over a week I was only applying my deodorant once a day! Sometimes the items you weren't even looking for end up being your favorite haha.

Happy detoxing!

This little bar works great for it's purpose and just for exfoliating soap. We didn't need to use the detox bar very long before our new deodorant worked perfectly so I just use the detox bar for soap now. It suds up nicely and is quite exfoliating (may be irritating to sensitive skin). I love it!

small but mighty

Okay ya'll natural deodorant is NO JOKE especially if you've been using drug store deodorant your whole life. So when you're ready to make the switch (and you should!) to something more natural you WILL get some major armpit stank. I have tried and failed before. When I saw this product, I decided I would try to go natural again. When it arrived it was much smaller than expected, but I have been using it for weeks and I still have more than half the bar left. A couple swipes and it was super sudsy (armpit hair helps lol)! I massaged the suds in every morning (before applying deodorant) and night for the first two weeks. After that I switched to using the bar once a day and now I use only once every few days to keep the stink away. It has made the transition to natural deodorant SO MUCH EASIER. This is a MUST do not skip this step!!

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