Organic Wool Dryer Balls 3-Pack

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Color Grey - 3 Pack

Why use disposable dryer sheets when you can go natural and get better results? Wool dryer balls are a great way to help the planet and get the best laundry possible. 

All-natural - These wool dryer balls are made from natural organic wool and are sustainable. They are a great alternative to chemical-filled dryer sheets because they have no chemicals! No need for wasteful dryer sheets or fabric softeners. 

Static and Wrinkle Free - No more static. Wool balls remove static, attract lint, and remove wrinkles from your laundry naturally better than dryer sheets, so you don't have to use wasteful products. In addition, these dryer balls will not reduce the absorbency of towels as fabric softeners do!

Energy and Money Savers - The ball shape helps separate clothes in the dryer, allowing more air circulation and reduce the time it takes them to dry. That means less drying time and longer-lasting clothes because the dryer is not running as long.

Long-Lasting - The density of these wool dryer balls assures a long-lasting product that will last thousands of loads. They will likely outlast your dryer!

Best for Sensitive Skin - People with sensitive skin, babies, and elderly folks will enjoy the chemical-free and perfume-free feeling of their clothes after using these wool balls. No harsh or synthetic chemicals at all! Just that laundry fresh feeling. 

How to use - Most laundry loads will need 3 wool balls added to the dryer, 6 for larger loads. The balls will get in between the clothes and help separate everything so you can dry faster. On top of that, they will also prevent static.

You can also add a few drops of essential oils directly to the balls to naturally scent your clothes. Some recommended oils are lavender, orange, eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary, and lemongrass.

Pair these Organic Wool Dryer Balls with some essential oils and Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent for the ultimate eco-free laundry!

  • Made With 100% Organic Wool
  • Dries Clothes Faster - Less Energy/Heat
  • Sold in 3 Packs
  • Approximately 2.75" Round
  • Choose from grey or white
  • Use With Natural Essential Oils For Amazing Results
  • Chemical-Free - 100% Natural
  • 1,000+ Loads
  • Biodegradable

Customer Reviews

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GREAT Product

Love how natural this company is and the product works great. They truly mean eco friendly and don't put plastic anywhere in the order. Thank you so much

Michael P.

They work great!

Saves time, works well

It saves time to not have to get out a dryer sheet, and we like that we're not adding to plastic trash using these effective wool dryer balls. I would recommend anyone to get six instead of just three. The reason: sometimes a wool ball will end up trapped in a large cloth item and you have to go searching. We see no difference between using fabric softener sheets and these wool dryer balls.

Anne H.
Wool drier balls

These are eye opening!
I’ve never used drier sheets or balls of any kind in my drier. These are energy saving and fun to use!

Peky P.
3x6 is a lot of wool balls!

My order arrived with a box filled with 18 cute, round white wool balls. For the life of me, I have no idea why I didn't read the product listing as 3 pack. Won't complain though. I'm using 10 in my dryer now and I love seeing them lying around. Gifting the remaining 8 to my friends so they too can get some energy saving drying. I wish there was an option to mix and match the grey & white balls.

Why did I wait so long?!

I never realized how irritated static-y laundry made me. I haven't had an issue once since using the wool balls and I completely forgot about putting essential oils on them before tossing them in with my clothes so I'm excited to try that!

Keith W.
another small way to help the enviornment

really accelerated the drying process. Use all 3 balls