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Finding Zero-Waste Hair Products That Work For You

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It’s one thing to swap out your plastic dish sponge with one that’s biodegradable and made from bamboo, but another thing to make zero-waste swaps for personal care products. Trust us; we understand the hesitance that comes with zero-waste beauty, hygiene, and hair care products!

Especially if you’ve been loyal to certain products most of your life, it’s not that simple to start using something new, even if it means a cleaner planet. Here’s how you can transition into an eco-friendly hair care routine without damage, stress, or worry!

What Are Zero-Waste Hair Products?

Think of zero-waste hair products as being the affordable, natural, plastic-free, and eco-friendly way to wash your hair. That’s essentially what zero-waste shampoo and conditioner bars were made for! High-quality products at the drug store can cost anywhere from $15 a shampoo bottle to completely unaffordable prices anywhere else. And since it’s a liquid product, you’re more likely to use more than you need each time you wash your hair. 

If you ask us, there’s no reason that your hair care should be that expensive, wasteful, or harmful to the planet! Shampoo and conditioner bars eliminate the need for plastic components by offering products in their solid form rather than in a liquid. Not only do they save you money upfront, but they last longer since you won’t need as much product. 

Are Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Effective?

If you’re worried about their effectiveness or about damaging your hair, it’s probably the conventional products that you should be more concerned with. When tons of products that contain harsh ingredients like parabens and sulfates, it’s no secret that using the wrong shampoo could ruin your hair. Zero-waste shampoo and conditioner bars are safe to use on all hair types since the ingredients are minimal, clean, and naturally-cleansing. 

Most zero-waste shampoo bars are made with mindful ingredients for the planet that also happen to be extremely gentle to use on your hair. In fact, many eco-friendly hair products contain plant-based ingredients, like plant oils and extracts, that can repair, soften, and strengthen your strands!

Where To Find Zero-Waste Hair Care?

At Zero Waste Outlet, we offer clean hair products for just about everyone! Whether you have sensitive scalpdry, color-treated, normal, or oily hair, we have a product that’s specifically designed for your hair type. Each shampoo bar is highly-concentrated to replace around 2-3 bottles of conventional shampoo! Since our bars don’t contain fillers or harsh additives, instead of lather and repeat, you only need to give your hair a few rubs to get that clean feeling!

And just in case you needed one more reason to switch to shampoo and conditioner bars, each bar is wallet-friendly and will last months before you need a new one! It’s one thing if it saves the environment, but if it saves you money at the same time, why not give it a try?

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