Replacement Screw on Heads For Modular Bamboo Brushes

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These are the replacement HEADS for the 

Modular Bamboo Scrub Brushes Below

fit the modular bamboo brush handlesThe main body of this brush head is made from naturally antimicrobial bamboo wood, and the bristles are made from 100% natural plant fibers. It is biodegradable and sustainable. 

Each head will last several months of daily use before it needs to be replaced.

Simply unscrew the old brush head (tips below) and screw in a new brush head, and you're back in business! 

Great for cleaning dishes, sinks, counters, and anywhere else you need a good scrubbing. 

  • Replacement Head Only. Main Handle Sold Separately
  • Choose between regular bristles (sisal fibers), or heavy-duty bristles (palm fibers)
  • Each head will last for several months!  


To make it easy to get the brush head off, make sure the wood threads are dry. Water will cause the bamboo to swell and make the threads difficult to unscrew. A few hours in the sun makes quick work of drying the threads.

As with all natural materials, please do not put this product in the dishwasher or allow it to soak in water. Dry between uses. Use diluted vinegar & water to clean the handles when needed. Compost or discard the brush head and replace it when bristles lose their stiffness.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great dish brushes

I love these dish brushes - good quality products that hold up well, last a long time, and cleans everything without ruining my pans

Laurel S.

Don't go through the replacement heads anywhere near as fast as stinky, gross old wasteful sponges.

Anastasia N.
Works perfectly

It’s everything I was looking for in a kitchen dish brush!

Debra M.
Handy at Sink

I got the refills because I use the brush all the time! My adult granddaughters were impressed, too. So I gave each of them one for Christmas last year. Fantastic item I highly recommend!

Courtney S.
Love it!

I love that these brush heads are made of natural fibers. They easily screw on/off the handle making them easy to use.

Mrs. M.
We love it!

These heads last a surprisingly long time! We don't actually unscrew the head from the metal handle after every use but we do hang the whole thing from our hanging dish rack each time so it gets good airflow. We just ordered our second pair of brush heads. :0)

Christine S.S.
New Kitchen Dish Brush!

I've been hunting for just the right kitchen brush and I found it! The Lifetime Scrub Brush fits perfectly in my hand and has the correct angle for washing dishes, etc., and the best part is the brush head is replaceable! This company has great customer service too!