Modular Palm Pot Scrub Brush

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Size Single
Material Heavy Duty Bristles


Plastic dish brushes end up in landfills and waterways where they break down into microplastics and pollute for hundreds of years. They also have a very low chance of being recycled due to the different types of plastics used in the handles and bristles.
This popular reusable palm brush provides an excellent plant-based alternative that will effortlessly clean your dishes and keep plastics out of our oceans! 

The new modular design is even more Earth-friendly with its replaceable scrub heads!

Keep the handle and only replace the worn-out bristles when needed, about every 3-6 months. Stock up for less with the bulk buying options above.

This replacement scrub head is also used on our Modular Dish Brush and comes in two textures.

  • Wooden Handle & Bristle Fibers Are Plant-Based, All-Natural, & 100% Biodegradable
  • Long Lifespan of 3-6 months, the same as plastic brushes!
  • Flexible Uses: When The Bristles Start to Remain Soft When Dry, Retire It to a Household Brush and Utilize it for Cleaning Tubs, Sinks, Boots, etc.
Pair this Palm Brush with a small Bamboo Soap Dish, the Dishwashing Block, and the Moso Bamboo Soap Dish to make up our 4 Piece Dish Washing Starter Kit!
4 piece sink kit


  • Place in Home Compost or Bury in Dirt and Allow the Dish Brush to Biodegrade. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews

These are great for really getting things clean

July B.
heavy duty bristles really are!

I got the heavy duty version so it would be able to scrub crud off my cast-iron pan, replacing my dying plastic scrubber, and this thing is mighty. I might even buy another head with regular bristles!


These are the best! Feel just like a regular q-tip but aren’t harming the environment.

So far, so good!

I really like this little scrubber so far. I love that the heads are easily replaceable by twisting on and off. The bristles also seem like they will hold up well and are doing a good job on tough scrubbing jobs.

Marianne T.
awesome brush

works really well and good size

Claudia I.
Great products

This is a second one we are buying. Its great, cleans super well and there is no need for a scouring pad

Natalie B.
Best scrubber

I have used plastic scrubbers for a long time and was looking for a more sustainable product. I have been using this scrubber with the dish soap bar and couldn’t be happier. Also, once the brush top is done, it can be composted and used in my garden!