Coconut Cup Brush

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Once you use this all-natural coconut scrub brush, you will wonder how you ever washed cups without it. The long handle and stiff bristles make it easy to clean dishes with narrow openings and the natural fibers drain quickly when it is hung to dry by its cotton rope. It is also easy to rise clean and will last just as long as its plastic counterparts. 

Perfect for cleaning cups, bowls, water bottles, and tall coffee cups.

Note: This DOES NOT FIT INSIDE wine bottles or baby bottles.

The coconut bristles are wrapped around metal wire, allowing you to bend and shape the bristles into different shapes for different cleaning projects. 

You will have cleaner dishes and will also be helping the planet by reducing plastic generated by plastic scrub brushes. 


  • 9" long by 2" at the widest point
  • Compact and Easy to Store
  • Rope Hanging Loop
  • Fast Drying
  • Wood Handle With Coconut Bristles on Recyclable Metal Frame

Tips: Hang to dry every time you are done using it to air dry. Don't leave it submerged in water for too long as the wood can swell and crack. If you do need to clean it, use some vinegar and water and soak the bristles in for a few minutes then rinse.


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Customer Reviews

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Coty S.
Great brush!

I’m in the process of slowly eliminating plastic from my household and it was time for my dish brushes to be replaced, which led me to ZWO’s website. I was a little hesitant to try this brush because I’m used to plastic brushes with plastic fibers, so I didn’t know how these bristles would compare, but they work great! They have about the same stiffness as brushes I’m used to and clean great! I’m always so happy to find a product that’s better for the environment & works just as well as their plastic counterpart. I will definitely be repurchasing indefinitely!

Candra G.
Regular buyer

This is a very helpful kitchen cleaning tool that we use often and I love that this one is compostable.

Rosanna R.
I love this little brush!

After well over a year, I finally bought a replacement for my first Coconut Cup Brush. These are great for gently cleaning morning coffee mugs, drinking glasses, bowls...anything with a curve. And when it was time to toss it in the guilt as it will all break down. Can't recommend these enough!


This is perfect for the bottom of my 40oz tumbler. It dries fast and is easy to use.

Matthew M.
Strong bristles, works great

Really wanted to avoid buying a plastic bottle brush, and was happy to find this alternative. The bristles are super strong and work great to scrub the interior of our metal water bottles.

Jessica D.
Love the look, functionality, and sustainability

For some reason, I never used a special tool for cleaning cups. this is my first one like this. It works great, I love the way it looks, and most of all I love that it's not plastic

Hillary S.
Best bottle brush ever bar none

I like to make herbal oils and other products, and so am often cleaning bottes of all sizes. The curved rounded tops and stiff yet bristled scrubbing power works perfectly. And it’s natural!