Replacement Screw on Heads For Modular Bamboo Brushes

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Style Regular Duty
Size Single

These are the replacement HEADS for the 

Modular Bamboo Scrub Brushes Below


Modular Bamboo Dish Brush

Modular Palm Pot Scrub Brush

The main body of this brush head is made from naturally antimicrobial bamboo wood, and the bristles are made from 100% natural plant fibers. It is biodegradable and sustainable. 

Each head will last several months of daily use before it needs to be replaced.

Simply unscrew the old brush head (tips below) and screw in a new brush head, and you're back in business! 

Great for cleaning dishes, sinks, counters, and anywhere else you need a good scrubbing. 

  • Replacement Head Only. Main Handle Sold Separately
  • Choose between regular bristles (sisal fibers), or heavy-duty bristles (palm fibers)
  • Each head will last for several months!  


To make it easy to get the brush head off, make sure the wood threads are dry. Water will cause the bamboo to swell and make the threads difficult to unscrew. A few hours in the sun makes quick work of drying the threads.

As with all natural materials, please do not put this product in the dishwasher or allow it to soak in water. Dry between uses. Use diluted vinegar & water to clean the handles when needed. Compost or discard the brush head and replace it when bristles lose their stiffness.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Jessica D.
Love these!

I've bought these along with the standard brushes before and I love them! I'm always looking for sustainable products so I'll keep using these in the future!

Stephanie R.
bamboo palm scrub brush

This is a great product. I love that it is not made from plastic. The regular duty bristles work well on my dishes and the heavy duty bristles are perfect for pots and pans that need heavy cleaning. The replaceable heads make for less waste.

Adrienne S.
Great little pot scrubber.

Works great on pots and pans, including cast iron. Nice to have interchangeable brush heads and no plastic.

Anna G.

I really like that these products were designed to have replaceable heads; even if it’s just a small bit of wood, it feels less wasteful. But what’s truly practical is the ability to change between rougher scrubbing and more gentle everyday scrubbing, just by changing the head. I cannot yet speak to the longevity of the product, which is truly most important for an “environmental” product.

Dezire S.
Modular scrubber

This scrubber quickly became my favorite kitchen cleaning tool. The ergonomic hand handle is great for smaller hands. I love them so much we gifted to our friends and family for Christmas!


Heavy duty is the way to go!!! These are awesome.

Modular dish scrubber

I love this! Looks nice, much better than plastic and the brush works perfectly on tough grime, while not scratching my handmade ceramic dishes. 10/10