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Bar Soap Bag - Sisal Plant Fibers - Zero Waste Outlet
Bar Soap Bag - Sisal Plant Fibers - Zero Waste Outlet
Bar Soap Bag - Sisal Plant Fibers

Bar Soap Bag - Sisal Plant Fibers

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Did you know the warm, damp layers in loofahs make them perfect breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and even mold in the worst cases? Plus, plastic loofahs and shower brushes create TONS of waste-- obviously, they’re plastic! Soap bags are the clever plant-based alternative that will make your showers highly efficient and waste-free.
Switch to soap bars and sisal bags for a natural way to achieve clean, velvety skin while ridding your bathroom of wasteful plastics.


  • 100% Biodegradable Sisal Fibers Come From the Sisal Plant, a Highly Renewable Resource. With a Natural, Plant-Based Exfoliant, You Can Ban Plastic From Your Bathroom and Enhance Your Zero-Waste Home!
  • Handy Drawstring Allows You to Hang Soap Bag For Drying So Bacteria Won’t Grow. You’ll Actually Get Clean Instead of Spreading Germs All Over Yourself With a Plastic Loofah!
  • Sisal Soap Bags Are the Effective Yet Gentle Way to Exfoliate: While Brushes & Loofahs Are Harsh and Abrasive, This Plant-Based Option Softens and Soothes Your Skin For Natural Comfort

Instructions For Use

  1. Place A Bar of Soap in the Sisal Soap Bag.
  2. Tighten Drawstring.
  3. Dampen the Sisal Soap Bag and Exfoliate Your Way to Smooth Skin in an Eco-Friendly Fashion!

Product Specfications

  • 5.5” Tall x 4” Wide with Drawstring


Don't Forget! You'll need some high-quality, zero-waste soap to put in your sisal soap bag! Try all-natural Granola Girl Bar Soap for a relaxing shower with calming scents and gentle exfoliation.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 64 reviews
      Mary M.
      Bath and Kitchen Scrubber

      I love my sisal soap bag for giving the feet a good scrub!
      I picked up another for the kitchen, though. I had bought the small cake of the dish soap and liked it so much I bought the giant cake when it came into stock. I put what was left of my smaller cake into the sisal bag and use it to scrub dishes - pretty handy!

      Emma G.
      Saves on Soap

      I love this little rough bag that I am using to collect all the little pieces of soap so I don't have them melting all over the place and sticking to the counters. This way it all gets used up in a very efficient way. The bag is a great exfoliator especially now for the summer when my skin needs that as it tans and dries up. In the winter it will be great to slough off my dry skin. The drawstring lets you hang it up so it can drip dry. You don't have to worry about collecting bacteria. Plus the sisal feels great on my feet!


      The bag is really thick and scratchy, so its hard to get a good lather which makes me feel like i'm not actually getting cleaned.

      Kathleen D.A.
      Love the idea but…

      The sisal is too prickly. Need a softer material.

      MIchele L.
      Soap bag does well.

      This bag does a fairly good job lathering, if you rub it between your hands first. Also seems to exfoliate as you wash. I picked the natural colored bag due to reviews I read of the darker one being too rough and I’m glad I did, as the natural color is still plenty of texture for cleaning and exfoliating. Seems to be holding up well, it’s been a month and no problems of any sort. Good value for the money, might not buy again though, as I live in a humid environment and the bag stays a little damp all the time.

      Bridget S.
      Keeps bars dry

      I don’t use these to scrub my body; I just use them to allow my soap bars and other solid products to dry when I’m not using them. The drawstring is great for hanging in the shower. It also works to simply set it on a shelf or counter rather than hanging. My products are able to dry either way.

      Jody H.

      I enjoy throwing all my soap slivers into here, lathering it up, and exfoliating my body with it. It's a little rough on the tender/sensitive parts (be careful with sunburn), but it's nice to use to get dirt, grime, and sunscreen/repellent off.

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