Exfoliating Soap Bag

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Material Coarse
Size Single

Plastic loofahs and shower brushes create TONS of waste-- obviously, they’re plastic! But they leach microplastic into the environment and are a massive source of pollution.

These natural plant-based soap bags are the perfect zero waste solution to toxic plastic body scrubs.

Treat yourself to a high-quality bar of soap in the shower and start the day off in luxury! Bar soap is better for the environment. - These bags also allow you to use your choice of bar soap instead of liquid soap that comes in a plastic bottle! 

No more dropping your soap. - The textured bag and cotton loop provide a secure hold on the most slippery of soaps. 

Keep your soap dry and save shower space. - The cotton loop will let your soap dry on a hook—no need for a soap dish that takes up valuable shower space. 

The exfoliating texture is great for scrubbing your whole body - Choose from two colors, each with different textures.

The brown bag, made of jute,  is the coarsest and thickest of the bags and is made for big bubbles and heavy cleaning. It will get softer after a few uses!

The white bag, made of sisal, is softer and thinner for tender skin and a more delicate touch. Both bags will soften as they are used more.

Instructions For Use

  1. Place a bar of soap, or leftover pieces of soap, inside the bag.
  2. In the shower, hold the soap bag under running water and work soap lather into the bag.
  3. Rub the bag over your body to clean and exfoliate without plastic.
  4. Hang the bag using the string and allow it to drain.  
  • Holds Full-Size Soap Bar
  • Great Plastic-Free Alternative To Plastic Loofahs
  • 5.5” Tall x 4” Wide with Drawstring & Wooden Bead
  • Brown Bag - Jute - Coarse Texture
  • White Bag - Sisal - Medium Texture


Soap is not included. The picture is only for reference :)

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      Customer Reviews

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      Karie M.
      Love these!

      Cant wait to buy as gifts for all my friends.

      what a brilliant soap scrubber

      i've tried loofahs over the years and never been happy with them. i found this attractive bag here months ago and boy, it works perfectly. i slip my natural soap inside and i get plenty of suds and lots of friction. totally satisfied! thank you.

      Great purchase!

      I got the medium texture bag and it’s great! It’s the perfect exfoliating texture and doesn’t leave my skin feeling itchy.

      Sara T.

      I have found this to be great for the little bitty soap scraps that one ends up with!

      Hannah M.
      Nice little bag

      Great exfoliating bag, not too rough and it helps your soap lather.

      Ryan S.

      It's very fun to use and changes your whole attitude towards showering makes you look forward to it.

      Great product

      Works well with handmade soaps, w/ a great lather & exfoliate