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Refillable Bamboo Floss Case - Zero Waste Outlet
Refillable Bamboo Floss Case - Zero Waste Outlet

Refillable Bamboo Floss Case

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Forget the plastic floss that pollutes and use this natural alternative that returns to the Earth in a few months. 

Bamboo is sustainable and one of the most versatile natural materials in the world. It's no wonder that this zero waste floss and container are both made from bamboo. The soft yet strong bamboo fibers are gentle on your gums and are completely compostable, and the hard bamboo wood case is durable and aesthetically-pleasing to look at. A dynamic duo indeed! There is a small metal cutter on the top, and it works like any other floss dispenser.

Comes with 1 spool of bamboo/charcoal floss (55 yards) and 1 refillable case. 

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Awesome Awesome

Reduce Reduce Reduce!! Floss ALWAYS is combined with the plastic case.....I hated it! When I found this little guy, I was so excited, and its refillable!! another bonus.....thank you for making this happen as I'm trying to reduce plastic use! It was also easier to pull out then what it looked. Good job ZWO

Great product

A biodegradable floss in a refillable container is EXACTLY what I'd been looking for. It works better than my old floss, was mailed in eco packaging, AND looks cute on my sink!

Excited to get it

I liked the fact that it had charcoal in it; however, it doesn’t come off the roll easily. In fact, I have always open the container to get some out to unroll it. Can’t just pull it out of the hole of the container. Another reason I wouldn’t purchase again is that it’s not as wide as I need it. I prefer the tape type of floss which this this floss is not. The bamboo container is great though

Refillable Bamboo Floss / Case

What a great product. I am trying to reduce and/or completely eliminate my plastic use and this is one small way. But all of these small ways add up. Thanks

Works well

I'm very happy with this floss, it's as good as any of my "standard" flosses, and I love the aesthetic of the bamboo refillable container. So far so good. It's a little surprising that the floss is black, but not a problem.

Amazing product

I have been looking for ways to reduce plastics in the bathroom and this product hot all of the marks. The bamboo case is sleek and very portable. The floss is fantastic. The packaging was even biodegradable! Love!!

Bamboo floss case

This bamboo case eliminates all those little plastic cases of floss that you get from the dentist. No more! I love the idea of refilling something natural and biodegradable with something natural and biodegradable.

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