Refillable Bamboo Floss Case

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Forget the plastic floss that pollutes and use this natural alternative that returns to the Earth in a few months.

Bamboo is sustainable and one of the most versatile natural materials in the world. It's no wonder that this zero waste floss and container are both made from bamboo. The soft yet strong bamboo fibers are gentle on your gums and are completely compostable, and the hard bamboo wood case is durable and aesthetically-pleasing to look at. A dynamic duo indeed! There is a small metal cutter on the top, and it works like any other floss dispenser. 

Comes with 1 spool of bamboo/charcoal floss (55 yards) and 1 refillable case.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Makenna D.
Doesn't slip like regular floss

I love how it feels and that it's refillable. I used to feel terrible throwing away waxy plastic floss. Love that this will biodegrade.

Carol R.
I love your homey family atmosphere

Your products are excellent, but I most appreciate your down-home style and family attitude. Hope you guys are doing well!

Peggy W.
Love it

I like the floss AND the bamboo holder. The floss is easier to grip and use than slippery store brands. Glad I found it!

Colin P.
Works fine!

Floss is very thin, strong and not slippery, so it doesn't slip through my fingers like the artificial floss. Will buy again.

Jacob S.
Best Option for Floss I've Found

Title pretty much says it, the case is more durable than glass, and more eco friendly than steel. The floss is stronger than the silk stuff I've used and does a better job.

Lisa P.
More compact

It is smaller and lighter weight than I expected, even better! Plan on taking on our trip to Wales and want to take only carry on luggage. The floss is easier to use than the plastic kind and all natural - yes!

Rye B.
Works Great

Not made of glass, hoping it won't break. So far works great.