Eco Dish Washing Sponge 3 Pack - Loofah

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New Improved Version! Double Layers and Cotton Loop

The perfect zero-waste scrub-sponge for dishes. This flat sponge is made from 100% biodegradable loofah and tackles food grime and grease without dumping toxic micro-plastics down the drain. 

Each loofah sponge has two layers of loofah that are sewn together around the edges so your loofah stays flat when wet. There is also a handy cotton loop that makes it easy to hang-dry on a sink handle or soap dispenser. 

Use with NOTOX Life Dish Block for a great zero-waste dishwashing duo! 

To disinfect, simply place in a pot of boiling water or microwave for 20-30 seconds! 

For extra life, let sponge drain after use to avoid mold and bacteria as it is made of plant materials. 

To dispose of, simply add to your compost or bury it in the ground!

Each pack contains 3 separate loofah sponges and each one will last several months. 


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Customer Reviews

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Margaret H.
Great multitasker

I have been using these loofahs for both dishes and body, and they work great for both! Rough enough to get food off the dishes but soft enough that they don't scratch or irritate my skin. I was anticipating having to "break them in" (thinking they'd be stiff at first), but that was not the case; they expanded and gave a good lather right away. I had previously been using wool sponges as my plastic alternative, but those did not work very well for my purposes. So I was glad to find these as a sustainable alternative to plastic sponges that work just as well! Also love how compactly they ship, since they're packaged in a "desiccated" state.

Tanja L.
Better than cellulose!

I love these sponges! They are easy to use, they last longer than cellulose and they don't get stinky or mildewy! And when you're done, they can go into the compost (instead of the land fill!) I have left them soaking wet in the sink for days and they don't become smelly. I use them until I can't use them anymore and then toss them in the compost. My only tiny little complaint is there is no scratchy part to get off baked on stuff, but I solved that with washy paper washcloths (also compostable). Oh, and my kids have fun when we get a new one because they ship flat and plump up when you soak them for the first time. :-)

Hannah M.
So impressed!

This sponge honestly really impressed me. It fluffs up SO much when you wet it! and it scrubs nicely without scratching pots (mine are delicate!). Plus the little loop is super convenient too if you need to hang it to dry out. love these!

Anna P.

I love that I'm not throwing anything into the landfill, not even the packaging.

Works really well!

I didn’t necessarily buy this for dishes but for cleaning the bathroom and I’ve only used it once but I’m very impressed how durable it is.

I used it on the bathroom floor and it’s a rugged kind of tile and I was worried that it would damage it quickly. Long story short, it didn’t and worked great and on the regular tile it was great as well.

So convenient to have the loop to just have it hanging in the bathroom and just give shower and tub a quick scrub while in there.

Vanessa L.
Great Product

Ships nice and compact, yay for non-plastic sponges!

My Favorite Dish Sponge

Doesn’t fall apart easily. Holds together for a long time. My favorite dish sponge!