Eco Bamboo-Charcoal Floss in Glass Container - VEGAN

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Size Single

Reduce plastic waste with this setup. In a glass tube is a spool of bamboo-charcoal fiber dental floss coated in Candelilla wax with a fresh peppermint essential oil for flavor. The top of the bottles has a small hole for the floss to thread through and a cutter, just like the floss you are used to. 

Floss is 100% biodegradable and can be re-ordered without the glass jar, saving resources. The jar is recyclable if you ever need to, but this system can last a lifetime while only replacing the spools of floss and reusing the jar.

  • Each spool has over 98 feet of floss! 
  • No Plastic Packaging
  • 100% Vegan, No SIlk
  • Reusable Glass Container
  • Biodegradable and Compostable
  • Environmentally Friendly

Comes with one spool of Bamboo floss.

Order replacement spools here.

We also carry this floss in different containers.


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Customer Reviews

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Judith P.
Love the Bamboo Floss!

It feels so good to not waste plastic anymore! Love the little glass container and the floss works great!

Great product and packaging

No plastic in any packaging! The floss is a good quality with no shredding or breakage. The glass bottle works great! Definitely better than another brand that I tried so I would purchase it again.

two thumbs up

I love everything about this, from the reusable glass container that can travel anywhere to the floss itself. Thank you for putting it all together.


Already reviewed once, but this floss is just as good as the plastic stuff but it’s compostable. Great product.


Works great!! I make tartar like a machine, and this floss is just as strong as regular plastic. I love that it’s compostable.

Eco floss

Love this floss!! Love even more that it won’t end up in our oceans!! Thank you for such a great product. It’s strong but will still break down after disposal, win win.


the best ive found!