Laundry Starter Kit

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Laundry Strips Fresh Linen
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This laundry kit is the perfect way to clean your clothes without generating waste!

It comes with your choice of Tru Earth Laundry Strips and your choice of color for the three Organic Dryer Balls.

The laundry sheets are concentrated detergent strips that you simply toss into any washer, including High Efficiency (HE) washers, after loading with clothes. 

No mess, no hassle, less weight, and more room in your laundry cupboards. The packaging the strips comes in is 100% recyclable cardboard. 

The dryer balls are added to the dryer with your clothes to help separate them and allow your clothes to dry faster and without static. Make sure to stop your dryer when clothes are completely dry or it will cause static. 

  • Laundry Strips will do up to 32 Loads of Laundry
  • Dryer Balls will last 1,000 dryer loads or more
  • Compact and Lightweight = More Room in Your Laundry Area and Less Weight To Pick up.

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Customer Reviews

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Great products from a great family business.
Thanks for the quick and responsibly packaged delivery. I tell everyone I can to get these products from Zero Waste Outlet.

Natalie S.
Love these products.

I regularly purchase the laundry strips and after a couple of my last dryer balls got too close to my dog, I had to get a few more. They are amazing!

Truly ZERO Waste Products!

I have been using this laundry detergent and the dryer balls for more than a year. I love these products and recently bought some for my friends. Love these products!

John S.

I have been loving this product for many years AND the fact that I am not adding junk in the landfill

Works well

Works great!

Work so well!

I’ve been using the TruEarth laundry strips for a few years now. They’re so easy to use and smell great. Way easier to store than jugs of detergent and no plastic in the packaging!

The dryer balls are a revolution! I always had trouble getting my towels and bed sheets to dry. Often I would have to run them through the dryer 2-3 times. But with the dryer balls, the first run through produced dry, soft, and fluffy bedding!

A perfect starter set for laundry

I wanted to try laundry strips and wool dryer balls and this set made it affordable. The dryer balls work so well - no static and fluffy blankets, sheets, and other laundry! I’m definitely getting more laundry soap - the TruEarth strips work well and leav no residue behind. Also, no more messy liquid detergent is so nice.