Long Handle Pot Brush With Replaceable Head

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Size Single

This wooden pot brush has a long handle and replaceable scrub heads for the ultimate zero-waste pot scrubber. Sisal bristles provide a sturdy cleaning surface that will remove even the toughest food from your dishes. 

Replaceable heads means that it's Eco-friendly and cheaper to use compared to plastic scrub brushes and is easy to replace. 

Easy to clean. The natural sisal bristles are firm yet release food easily when rinsed with water and massaged with fingers. 

When it is time to replace the head, throw the old head in the compost or bury it in the ground to decompose naturally. 

The Scrub brush is 9" long.

It comes with one brush head. Get replacement scrub heads here

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I like how you can replace it. It dries fast and scrubs good. It makes good foam with the soap.

Forrest D.
Less Plastic is Fantastic

I purchased a similar brush on Amazon a few years ago, but the replacement heads were twice as expensive, and quite honestly I would rather not support Amazon whenever I can.
This brush is fantastic, the standard bristles are excellent for general cleaning and the stiffer brush is wonderful for heavier scrubbing. I initially placed a small order just to try them out, and loved the experience so I plan to buy all of my future brushes from Zero Waste Outlet.

For the brush, it is a good overall length, I sort of wish the brush head was angled a little more, but that is the beauty of it, I can bend it a little to meet my personal preference. It holds the brush head firmly and I don't have to worry about it popping loose. I love it.


well made and will last as long as it is allowed to dry between use

Happy clean dishes!

I originally just bought replacement scrub brush heads to use with an existing handle I had purchased at a store big that sells, umm, Swedish-style housewares. shall we say? Anyhow, the replacement heads didn't fit (they have a larger circumference) so I had to get two new handles as well. And I love em! The handles are great and sturdy and the scrub brush heads are awesome and very bristly and clean well. I love how bare and minimal all the packaging is as well! Thanks for keeping it good and simple!





Angela P.

I love my new brushes. I am happy that when it wears out I can simply replace the brush and still use the handle.