Modular Palm Pot Scrub Brush

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Plastic dish brushes end up in the landfills and waterways where they break down into microplastics and pollute for hundreds of years. They also have a very low chance of being recycled due to the different types of plastics used in the handle and bristles.
This popular reusable palm brush provides an excellent plant-based alternative that will effortlessly clean your dishes and keep plastics out of our oceans!

The new modular design is even more Earth-friendly with its replaceable scrub heads!

Keep the handle and only replace the worn-out bristles when needed, about every 3-6 months. Stock up for less with the bulk buying options above. 

This replacement scrub head is also used on our Modular Dish Brush and comes in two textures.

  • Wooden Handle & Bristle Fibers Are Plant-Based, All-Natural, & 100% Biodegradable
  • Long Lifespan of 3-6 months, the same as plastic brushes!
  • Flexible Uses: When The Bristles Start to Remain Soft When Dry, Retire It to a Household Brush and Utilize for Cleaning Tubs, Sinks, Boots, etc.
Pair this Palm Brush with a small Bamboo Soap Dish, the Dishwashing Block, and the Moso Bamboo Soap Dish to make up our 4 Piece Dish Washing Starter Kit!
4 piece sink kit


  • Place in Home Compost or Bury in Dirt and Allow the Dish Brush to Biodegrade. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Great Little Dish Brush

I purchased this for my vacation home, as I left mine first one behind and I didn't want to buy a plastic brush. I am trying VERY hard to not use plastic. This helps fulful my needs without plastic waste.

Lindsey C.
Really nice!

Very sturdy! Nice for quick washes for any dish really!

Jeff M.
Palm brush

This is an addition to our lifetime brush. The small handle and heavy duty scrub head make short work of any tougher cleaning.

Kathy N.
Classy looking brush

Love that I can replace the head of this small brush. I use it on dishes and vegetables. My sink area looks so nice with wooden soap holder, brush and brush holder.

Laurel S.
So far so good

Love it more than a gross sponge, it does the trick very well. For baked on pots and pans I do have to have it soak a little and then it can scrub most messes off. The scrubber is extra nice because I can finally reach the blades properly on my blender (sponge couldn't do this). Make the change! You'll be happy you did

Jane S.

Works Well

Works great!

Works great! Doesn't smell like a regular synthetic sponge