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Zero Waste Swaps That Look Amazing in Your Kitchen

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This blog post is all about Zero Waste (ZW) swaps that can help you spice up one of the most used rooms in your home, your kitchen.

ZW swaps aren't just better for the environment, they can also add fun colors and style to your home! Using visually appealing and eco-friendly products is a rewarding and cost-effective way to move toward a zero waste home while making a big impact to your kitchen's comfortable, welcoming ambience. 

Choose Your Own Style

ZW products are becoming much more important to consumers as people become more aware of how single-use plastics are poisoning our planet. ZW products introduce a well-defined style to kitchens that is almost as pleasing to the eye as the emotional satisfaction of knowing we're doing our best to reduce  our home's single-use plastic waste!

We are not talking about adding drab browns and other boring and monotone colors. We are talking about exciting, vibrant colors and patterns that make a unique statement that you are in tune with nature and have a great sense of style.

With a little imagination and some personalized color choices, its easy to take your ZW lifestyle to the next level. Add your choice of ZW products to decorate your eco-inspired kitchen oasis. 

Have some fun! 


Marley's Monsters Unpaper® Towels

Brighten up your kitchen and save money with these fun and eco-friendly replacement to disposable paper towels.

Marley Monster's Unpaper® Towels


Think of how silly it is to buy something just to throw it away!

How much do you spend on disposable paper towels a year? What do you have to show for all that money? NOTHING, all that money is in the landfill, or compost pile... 

What a waste! Plus disposable paper towels add nothing to the look of your kitchen!

This paper towel alternative make a lot more sense because you don't toss them in the trash, you wash them with your towels. 

These colorful paper towel swaps are one of our most popular items because they look great, save money, and save tons of resources like trees and fuel. No plastic wrapping or disposable paper products here!

To use: Take your empty paper towel tube (or get a more durable one here) and roll these up onto the tube one at at time. The cotton flannel will cling together, so you can even use them in an upright paper towel dispenser.

This process is fun and easy, just lay your towels flat on the counter facing down and roll the tube over them, collecting one towel at a time till your done.

Use them like their disposable counterpart to clean up messes, as a napkin, or to put a sandwich or snacks on.

With tons of colors and patterns, you are sure to get the perfect look for your kitchen!


"Bread is a Gift" Reusable Bread Bags

Ok, so we all became bread makers in the great quarantine of 2020! Why not solidify your title of "best neighborhood baker" and get this handy reusable organic cotton bag to stash your bread in or to gift to friends and family?

zero waste bread bag
This popular bread bag is great for any type or size bread loaves! On the front is a list of different types of bread makes this a fun and valuable asset for any bread lover.
It has plenty of room for the biggest loaves or two smaller loaves and has a drawstring to keep the air out and your bread fresh.

You don't have to use this just for homemade bread! Take it to the farmer's market and stuff it full of delicious baked goods and save a paper or plastic bag.
Machine washable and made of thick organic cotton material to last a long, long time.

Veggie Saver Bags

Think of all the food you toss or compost every month because you didn't get to use it before it spoiled. This bag will help you save your food and money!

Swag bag

If you compared all the other zero-waste products we carry, this one is sure to save you the most money over its lifespan!

The Veggie Saver Bag incorporated 3-layers of cotton material that keeps your fruit, veggies, greens, and even mushrooms fresh for longer than storing in the crisper alone.

In fact, this bag can save you over $1,500 in wasted food throughout its expected lifetime of around five years! Any other bags in your home pay that well?

Recently it was listed as one of the top 8 plastic-free food storage containers to prevent food waste on the popular eco-blog Sustainable Jungle

This bag mimics the perfect environment for keeping produce fresh. By keeping your produce moist and allowing rot-causing Ethelene gas to escape, it can keep your food fresh for up to two weeks.

Put your fresh produce in these all-natural bags and keep them fresher for longer!


Lifetime Scrub Brush

The aluminum handle and replaceable head makes this dish scrubber a lifelong investment!

Lifetime scrub brush

Forget the flimsily plastic dish scrubs and buy the last dish scrub you will ever need!

This amazingly well-built scrubber is made with a sturdy aluminum handle and has replacement heads made of biodegradable sisal bristles that are mounted on the eco-friendly bamboo head.

Use till the bristles are no longer effective and replace the head. The head will naturally decompose in a compost pile or in the ground.

It comes with a ten-year warranty and is loved by all who have used it, and as soon as you hold this in your hand, you will understand why we call it a lifetime scrub brush.


Organic Cotton Dish Towels

It's your grandma's favorite type of towel! These beautiful towels are thick, stretchy, and ready to give your kitchen that country feel.

Organic cotton dish towels

It's hard to understand the quality of these towels by pictures alone, so we invite you to read the reviews to see what others think of theirs. 

These are thick, colorful, stretchy, and super absorbent. These are not like other towels made of thin fabric. These towels are woven using polyester-free yarn and include a handy stitched-on hanging loop for hanging on a handle or towel ring.

Once you hold one of these towels in your hands, you'll understand why we are so excited about these towels.

With five colors to choose from, you are sure to find a color that will look great in your kitchen for all to see.


Beeswax Food Wraps 3-Pack Mixed Colors

Use these colorful reusable beeswax wraps to cover bowls, cut fruit, vegetables, or wrap-up sandwiches without using plastic!

Beeswax wraps

Swap out your cling wrap and turn your leftovers into a colorful work of eco-art with these all-natural beeswax wraps. Imagine how your fridge or lunchbox will look like when you use these!

Each pack contains three random patterns of varying sizes. Use them where you would typically use a cling wrap and then wash in cold water and soap to clean.


 Bamboo Mason Jar Drink Lids

A fun and inexpensive mason jar accessory that turns your jar into a drinking glass with a straw.

Bamboo Mason Jar Drink Lids


Ok, these are not as colorful or vibrant as the above products, bet we think they offer a great look to your drinkware that deserves a spot in this blog post.

This bamboo mason jar lid keeps your drink more secure with its silicone gasket and straw hole to keep the contents in place. Perfect for daily use and for keeping bug out of your tasty beverages. 

They come in two sizes, wide and standard mouth so all you need to do is get the one that fits your jar. The measurements are on the product page so make sure you get the correct size.



ZW doesn't have to be boring. There are plenty of options and colors to choose from to highlight your personal style and uniqueness so you can help the planet and show your personality to the world!

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